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Ex girlfriend problems.

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Me and my ex broke up in January, so it's been around 5 months and 4ish months of no contact. We texted back and forth about 5 or so times last month as she had just used her Christmas present that I'd bought her and she wanted to thank me for it (this was through a friend as I'd blocked her on Facebook). Anyway we hadn't spoke since then, and I'd been feeling almost normal again, I still thought about her a lot but without any of the anxiety etc anymore. But the Saturday just gone I was out with my friends at a bar, and she came up behind me to say hi and gave me a hug, we did a bit of catching up and said hi to my friends I was with too, she commented on how well I looked and also asked if I was seeing anyone, which I'm not and I asked her too, she answered the same as me. Her friend that i hadn't met before was introduced to me and he was asking why I had broke up with her, but I answered saying it was her decision and not mine, and he was shocked asking why she'd want to do that, in which we both just sort of looked at eachother without any sort of answer to the question.

One of my best mates goes to the same gym as her and he's mentioned that she's asked how I was doing a couple times, and she's also seen my mum around town and asked the same, so in my head I'm sort of thinking she still sort of cares? Or she's just being nice? Either way I'm over thinking it massively which I need to stop doing.

On the Sunday I couldn't get her out of my head so I sent her a text just saying how good it was to see her and that if she'd like to go for a drink one evening this week, she replied that she'd have to let me know as she's really busy with work and gym. (She works about an hour away from her home). She also gave me this answer last month when we were texting and I asked her if she'd like to catch up.

Now I know this seems like a polite way of saying no to meeting up, but before I had asked her to meet last month she had already said she was really busy and she hasn't got a social life atm, and also before we went NC she had mentioned how she was starting the gym and that tied in with work she's going to be really busy and tired.

Also she's going travelling this year in October, she had planned this before we broke up but wasn't sure when, she told me on Saturday night that she's going in October now, so it's still about 4 months. In my head I'm thinking that her travelling is probably the biggest reason why she wouldn't want to get involved with anyone ATM. Because from what she said to me on Saturday and her asking my friend and mum about me (again, could just be being nice!) I feel like I may have a chance?

She said she was going to let me know this week if she gets any spare time to meet, but I doubt that she will. It's also her birthday on Sunday so I have sort of a reason to throw her a little text.

I'm just thinking if I never really get a chance to see her face to face, does anyone reckon I should just ask her over text to maybe give it another chance? Not get back into a relationship straight away or anything but to take things slow, and put her under no pressure at all, and maybe to explain to her that I realise she may not want anything before she goes travelling but it would be nice to maybe meet up a few times before she goes, but not as friends. I've also literally just thought I could text her and ask if I could ring her and maybe explain over the phone all of this.


Anyway if you've managed to read through all that, well done and thanks for any responses.

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