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Blocked over liking on instagram


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Hi there,


Well long story short, we met a year ago,we were together for 3 months, she dumped me, then she came back after three months, we were tohether again for three months and she dumped me again.

The first time I acted needy, then go no contact for 40 days and she came back. The second time, I did nothing and I let her alone. I said to her I don't want any contact because I love her and blocked her on every social except viber. Unfortunately I am in love with her.

After about a month a friend of mine send her a text saying that I love her and when I found out I asked her to talk about this but she said I should never ever talk to her and bloced me on viber.

15 days later she unblocked me on viber but I continued no contact. After another month I snapped and ask a friend of her if she is thinking about me. The answer was no.

Well two weekes later (yesterday) I snapped again and I unblocked her on instagram and I liked a photo of her by mistake. Well she blocked me.

I gues I am so pathetic. I feel depressed. I know there is zero chance. And now I blame myself. That's all..

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Hmm, go no contact man, stop stalking her instagram; it isn't going to help you to move on. You are not pathetic, just work on yourself. If she really does want you back, she knows where to find you. Because even if you're in love with her, you can't force her to like/love you. You can't help your feelings either, but you can make a choice whether to choose to love yourself more, work on yourself and be a better person or let her ruin your d*rn life. Don't blame yourself, you can't change the past so just move on. Stay strong brother.

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