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Hello! I have been seeing my boyfriend for a year and a half, we have quite a turmoilturous relationship, we however live each other and really work on working things out. He is still married, when I met him, he told me that he was in the process of a divorce, his wife had an affair and got pregnant by another man. Since the baby was born 8 mos ago the wife moved into their old home, he wouldn't even spend the night with me, rushed home to be with their child, who is 8. But now he is saying that the baby may be his, if I knew this was going to be the dynamic, I would have ran the other way. They literally live together, I have my own place and he wouldn't even spend the night. I think there is something else is going on, even though he assured me that the divirce is moving along and they are going to find out the paternity of the baby.

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if I knew this was going to be the dynamic, I would have ran the other way.
I've never wished I was being trolled more than I do now.


I used to feel bad for people in this kind of situation, but dating someone who's married... it's like going into a burger joint and taking a dude's word he's a vegan. Poaching married folks is desperate, lazy, and, as you're seeing, all risk and no reward. Yeah, the guy's an ***hole, but you gotta exercise that common sense you obviously have given your observations. Ditch him. Take some time off dating. When you get back into it, set some rigid and self-respecting standards, men not being married chief among them.

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