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Subconscious, Emotional and deeply confused dreamscape questions


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Hey there, im an animator from Canada, and recently, just recently woke up from sleep this morning


But my question is far more important that I feel the need of answers to


I had a great deal of dreams, ranging from different things and a few people I knew or hardly knew, cut ties with but was closer to them in experience


And of course just a few places I knew in real life aswell



But something common with all these many many dreams was that they had the overwhelming emotions delivered with them, no matter how bizarre, the emotions I felt were far from light, they were high, especially (Love) and(attraction) but in a very innocent and desperate way towards who ever my subconscious mind matched me with, aswell as a lot of (excitement) with the situations, either tense or not


I cannot explain in words to you how full of emotions these dreams were, made me want to never leave from them, somehow find a way to exist in side of them


These were the childish thoughts that filled me as soon as I woke up, feeling as lifeless as ever, without any emotion and just blank, loss of words


Surely there were light emotions of dissatisfaction and others but they were so mixed with each other I lost track on how to feel


Another thing I'd like to mention is that the dreams never accompanied (dissatisfaction) as a feeling expressively, they never have


And if they have they would only last a second before positive emotions take over


I feel the loss of words when I say that I felt significantly (alone) but in a good way, somehow glad to know I'm alone in experiencing all these emotions towards something or someone, lost in this fantasy of my own, not being fully selfaware of myself but only caring about the different things that made me feel strongly


I can't explain this but all of this was what I lost when reality woke me up with it's complex and bleak emotions, with everything that I felt such a great deal of excitement and attractions towards were grabbed from me with the explanation of "it was all just a dream"



I'd like to today ask, as in, how to convey such strong emotions deeply to a viewer, I know I can't change their state of mind to dreaming and fully be lost in the emotions animation delivers them in a personal connection as a experience


But rather to maximize how to do so, today is the day I'll stand up for other story tellers but I ask you for help to bring this medium for better enjoyment, you are experts in this, I am not


The goal of this message is to ask you how to (if possible) make the viewer experience a tremendous amount of one emotion or another, since I have discovered after experiencing all this that movies and other story telling mediums can only deliver such a small dose of emotion it is indescribable to explain how much they're missing out on


Viewers are left with such small experiences all self aware that it was not real, I feel like one of those things break the tremendous emotion


Today I will, in the place of all story tellers try to solve this great mystery to make the audience be lost in the worlds with such a great deal of emotion they're going to be addicted to emotions as a whole since there is such a lack of it in reality, just short bursts


I ask you, how must we achieve this level of deep and high emotion on our subconscious mind through story telling?

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