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What should I do?


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Hi ! This is E. I saw this forum and I wanted to share my story with you. This seemed never good but now I realize this might be helpful. My boyfriend and I are not in our best days. Well he has been lying to mw for a long time. I accept I am a bit jealous but this came as a result of his actions.

I found out he is a gambler and has not a single penny in his account. Not only this but he is taking drugs regulary and this scares me to hell. Im 24 he is 35 . After I realized this things I started being very controlling. I do ask him to prove every destination with live photos and voice messages. It is not good nut I wanted to start beliving him again, which never happened. He always works late hours and comes home at 5 in the morning. I stay alone mostly, go to school , have a dring with girls as he is very jelous and i don't have boys as friends, and than stay up all night waiting for him to be home. I check his phone regularly but he has started to delete messages with friends and people he works. I started doubting he is cheating on me and I still do. Right now I'm standing next to him. He is still sleeping because he came home early in the morning. I checked his phone somewhere I never did. I opened Safari History and got shocked. All he searches is teen porn. He is 35 for Gods sake, they could have been his children. I can't handle this. I have been through all this and I have confronted him thousands of times but nothing, now he replies to me with offensive words like : psycho , sick girl, crazy , stupid. I fell in love with him almost 3 years ago and i found it very difficult to break up with him. My mom knows almost everything and she says I must go home. I dont know what to do. If anyone ever had something similar please lighten my way up 馃檹馃徏. I do not work ans he says I will find the right job for you and you can not work whatever. I mean im so desperate. Help anyone?

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You need to get away from this abusive, using, teen-porn-viewing, addict.

Yes, this is abusive even if he hasn't physically roughed you up. It is emotional and verbal abuse and it's unacceptable. His other destructive and illegal habits are also a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off. I hope you don't have a computer you let him use, because if you do, you better make darn sure he's never viewed or downloaded potentially-illegal pornography on your devices. You are at risk of getting caught up in serious trouble, too. Cut yourself off and run. There is zero future for you here.

Listen to you mom. Go home to her.

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