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Girlfriend always mad at me


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Me and my girlfriend have been togetehr for almost a year. I love her more than anything and i know shes not cheating on me or anything like that. But she will get mad at me and go out with guys party hopping where theyre doing drugs and drinking(all aged 18) and i dont like her going out with these guys ive never met and shes only known for a few weeks. If i aks where shes going she wont fully tell me and just tell me "somewhere in (enter city)" or if i ask who with its "not with you". She knows i dont like her partying with these guys or going hottubbing with them and things like that. The girls i know from work all agree that she shouldnt be doing those things. Also when i ask who she kbows this one guy shes telling me about as her friend she gets mad at me and asks why it matters and tells me im too big if a wuss about things for her to even tell me. And that she knows many people from many places and it shouldnt matter. I just asked her because ive never heard of him before. I know shes on a lit of online forums and groupchats on kik with guys sending her pics and trying to get from her or with her. And during one argument she tells me how she gets asked out multiple times a week. (I dont like other guys trying to get with her.) And I know from previous events when they send her a nude or are trying to get with her she doesnt ever say she has a boyfriend. But just ignores them or changes the subject because she "doesnt want to start any problems" i feel saying she has a boyfriend in those times wouldnt br an issue. But she seems to think thats a huge problem starter with those guys. Again i know shes not. cheating and i trust that she wont. I just find those things are normal and not a problem for a boyfriend to ask. Correct me if im wrong. Also whenever we disagree in something she gets mad and tells me im annoying her and stops talking to me. One issue were having now is her parents offered to give me one if their cars that they don't want anymore. Now my girlfriend absolutely hates my current car and says its a pos when all that is really wrong with it is cosmetics(runs and drives perfectly fine) and shell say im lying to help my side when i say that it has no issues(to her an oil change or changing brakes/tires is a problem with a vehicle). I get terrible gas mileage in it though. (Glory if having a jeep) this car im being offered gets better mileage and is free. And i feel its not a bad idea to take it(even though it needs tires and has a few issues) ill just have to pay a lil more in insurance every month(which i can very well afford). She thinks its retarded for me to have 2 vehicles and have a backup vehicle(she comes from a family with more money than i do so nice cars and things is normal to her when its not to me and i take what i can get) is it retarded to hmtake the car? And one last prolem im having with her is that she thinks i dont care ahout her feelings because i dont listen to her. Now i do everything for her. I buy her food, gifts just cause(very expenive ones) and try to do whatever. Sunce getting together i now work a lot more so we dont see each other as much and she just started working more so or times conflict during the week and we only get to spend time togetherhr on friday/saturday. She says i never make the effort to see her during the week(i try to sleep as much as possible because i barely get any) she also got mad at me for buying a gun(which she really hates that i even own a gun and gets mad when she sees me looking at them at the stores(she walks away and gets mad when i go to look at the sporting goods at walmart)) she got mad and she bought a dog. Well her mom was fine witb it for 3 days until her mom decided to get another. And then hers had to go. So after buying the dog food. Taking her go with him to the vet. Toys. Taking him out all the time. Bringing him to my house on weekends. Her mom made her take him to the shelter. Well we get there and shes crying. And i really love the dog at that point so i take him hone to live with me until we can get our own place. Hes been here for 3 months now and i love him a lot. She says i don't care about her feelings because she now doesnt like him and says she wants him gone. (Hes full of energy and has no training which is how she got him.. Hes 2..) I dont wnat to give him up and she says that im jot letting her fix a problem that she brought into her life.. (I view dogs as family and cant let one go once i fall in love.. I have 4 dogs now...) She also wants me to get rid of ny other animals (a couple snakes) just becauee she doenst like them. And says they're too much space and too much money(i spend very little on them). Ive never once told her to get rid of an animal she has. But shes boughten 3 snakes amd sold them in 3 months because they newness wore off and she didnt want to have to feed them the rats.. So she days i just dont care because lm nit doing what she wants.. And that im not compromising.. Which i dont see a compromise. Its either her way or my way. I love her more than anything but telling me how incan spend my money(not on guns that im not allowed to hunt because it hurts the animals. That i cant have 2 cars. That i cant buy more guns.. List goes on.) Telling me how i can soend my money is not her place. But i like keeping her happy. So i listen to those. But with the animals i cant. Am i missing something? Am i being careless to her? Am i nit being courteous to her feelings? Any help is very appreciated

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Sorry, I couldn't read properly as it was a solid wall of text - I may have addled some of your points up in my reply...


No one person deserves to be in a relationship where they are not happy, be with someone who appreciates and respects you and lets you be you (cars, dogs snakes and all).


It sounds like a whole lot of self centeredness (her), bossiness and bother... I feel your frustrations just by your solid wall of txt.



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Oh and she has no right to allow or not allow you to do something I.e. huntin. I've had one or two complain about my huntin, and they became ex's with a quickness. After that when I start dating a female we come to an understanding right quick of the pecking order in my life, Son, Dog, Job, huntin, her. If they don't catch the hint right quick, then they come to my house where the point becomes abundantly clear the moment they walk in the door. 22 mounted ducks, 6 or 8 deer all in the living room then more scattered throughout the house

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I dont care about the hunting. Honestly its not the biggest issue in my book. And i can say i have my faults(i dont like her going out partying and drinking and try to keep it from happening) when we got together i tried to tell her she couldnt drink(i have a lot of alcoholics in my family and absolutely hate alcohol in almost every way). Im not unhappy with the relationship, i love her a lot. And i dont want to not be with her by any means. She really does mean the world to me. Im more seeing if it's me being stupid and not caring. Or if its her being controlling.

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*Jaw drop*


- She talks with other guys in group chats

- She drinks/parties/hot tubs with other guys

- When you ask simple questions, she's rude and vague

- She gets nudes from guys and still doesn't tell them she has a boyfriend


(So far, I consider all of this to be cheating)


- She gets mad at you for your hobbies

- She controls your money

- She belittles you (calls you annoying)


Your girlfriend is a B !+ch . And a terrible person. And I'm sorry that you think this is what it's like to be in a relationship. Please tell her to get out of your life for good, and find a decent young lady.

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