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(am not adding my age or his and how long we been together..)

I am not sure how to explain this very well.. but here it goes I guess.... first thing is I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. and I am 6 months pregnant I'm just adding that now before I start...

I recently started over thinking about getting married to my husband.... I don't know I just been regretting saying "I Do" in the wedding. I don't know why it just came into my thoughts out of nowhere.... and what I am extremely worried about is telling him that I think I'm loosing feelings for him.... because I know he loves me so much he cries everytime I get a thought in my head of ending my life... I'm just worried about seeing him cry again... I really don't know what to do. I feel like I should be better of alone but I also don't want a broken family since I'm having his child... when he tries to get intimate with me, I don't feel the same I don't know if this is just part of the pregnancy or I lost feelings... my heart confuses me so much right now I don't know what I'm doing anymore this is my first pregnancy.. so I don't know if it is the hormones or not...


Also I'm sorry this thread is a mess... I'm also a mess and I can't think straight...

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Being pregnant can make hormones very out of whack and it can make anxiety and depression worse.Have you spoken to your doctor about it at all? Let him/her know the difficulties you're having with depression/anxiety?

And yes, it is very normal to have a change in your sexual libido when you are pregnant. For some women it increases while for others it decreases. Both are normal and again it's part of the hormones.

I think you need to speak to your doctor about all of this and as well consider counselling for the anxiety and depression for the time being as I don't think medication is something you could consider at the moment due to being pregnant.

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Have you sought treatment for your depression and anxiety?


I would not be making any life-changing decisions while you're suffering these conditions, on top of being pregnant. Please do speak to your doctor, as this sounds very serious if you've also talked about suicide.

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