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Will he come back? How do i make him want me again? Please help

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My boyfriend left me for no reason. We were together for a little over 3 months. Everything was great, he'd stare into my eyes and he was my best friend. We had inside jokes and we'd go places together, I knew his family. He never met mine however and sometimes we'd argue but it was always because I felt like he didn't love me as much as I loved him. He'd say he loves me more but in school he'd walk passed me and not even look at me. I had to fight with him about it to get him to say hi to me.


He has a lot of friends and hobbies and I felt like I just wasn't on his list of priorities anymore after we started going out. I wasn't his first girlfriend but he was my first boyfriend. And our fights would always be through text so they'd get really escalated and we'd end up breaking up with each other. We always got back together hours later and he'd send me long paragraphs telling me how much he needs me in his life and how he hates fighting.


I got really sick and I couldn't see him or go to school for 2 weeks straight. We ended up having an argument one day and he broke up with me.


but he didn't come back. I was so hurt. Days later he insisted that I came over to his house where he asked me out again just to change his mind MINUTES later and told me that I'm what he wants and that he's just confused and needs time to think. I tried to give him space but it was killing me and I couldn't stop texting him. I was afraid I'd never see him again or talk to him again. I was afraid of whatever was going to happen.


For 2 months afterwards, it's been on and off. He changed his mind constantly. One day he wanted to be with me and the next day he said he wanted to move on. He insisted that he still loves me and always will. Every time I was physically with him or on the phone with him, he couldn't resist. He'd be all over me telling me he loves me and wants to make things work. Then when I left his house or when I hung up, he wouldn't text me for the rest of the day. Then the next day I'd have to text him first or else I wouldn't hear from him.


We fought more broken up than we did when we were together. But we couldn't break up after our arguments because we already were broken up. So minutes later we'd be back on good terms texting each other. I tried to give up on him and leave him for good and he said "please don't walk out of my life" he begged and cried. Then the next day he was posting petty things about me on his Facebook. Basically talking trash about me, starting rumors.


We ended up talking again, he told me he missed me and wanted to see me. I went over his house the day before I left to go on a trip for a wedding. He was all over me again. He cried, told me he wants to be with me and that when I came back from the trip we would see each other more and make things work. I told him that maybe if we cut contact for the week I would be gone then maybe he would miss me and know what he wants. He begged me to keep in touch and he claimed that he'd miss me. So I texted him while I was gone but he would leave me on read and just be really short and dry with his replies.


I got angry with him about everything he was putting me trough and we ended up arguing again where he blocked me just to unblock me an hour later. We didn't talk for the rest of the time I was gone. When I came back, I tried to write a letter to him to explain to him how I felt but he refused to read it and said he didn't want to talk to me. I asked him if he still loves me and he said no. I found out that he started talking to another girl while I was away. I was absolutely heartbroken.


The next morning I found out one of my close family members had passed and I couldn't handle my emotions. I became extremely depressed and my ex was my go to. I started texting him venting to him telling him how I'm still in love with him and I don't understand how he can change so quickly. We talked that whole day and everything was good. We made jokes and had pleasant conversations. Then he called me that night and said he loved me TWICE. Then he called me baby.


I told someone, and word got around to the girl he was talking to and she confronted him about it. He denied it. He lied and told her that I'm "fake" and that he never said he loved me that night. She believed him of course. He started texting me, harassing me, saying that I'm pathetic and that I can't accept the fact that he's moved on and likes someone else now. He said "don't bother texting me again until you realize you were in the wrong for this" I was furious. I went off on him then he blocked me and unblocked me the next day.


As you can tell he's very immature and childish. I had a total breakdown the next day and started texting him where he told me that he can't talk to me anymore because it's ruining his relationship and he blocked me.


I was out of school for a week, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and I was put on antidepressants and returned to school to find out that they've been going out. A few weeks later after no contact, he unblocked me, added me on all social media and started messaging me. I didn't answer. He messaged me 8 more times. I opened the messages and he wanted to ask me a question. I didn't answer, but I started having a panic attack. My dads girlfriend knew what was happening and didn't want him contacting me anymore so she showed up at his house and told his mother that if her son doesn't stop messaging me then we're going to court. She didn't actually mean it but she was just trying to scare them so he'd stop. After that, he blocked me again on everything. I texted him and said "what could you possibly have had to ask me" and he left me on read.


I'm not over him. I want him back , I miss him a lot. I haven't heard from him since that day. It's been about 3 weeks since that happened and I'm currently unblocked on everything but he hasn't added or followed me. He's still with that girl, they've been together for a month. I'm thinking it could be a rebound since they started going out only 2 weeks after he ended us for good. I think about him everyday and I want to talk to him but I know I shouldn't be the first one to make contact.


Should I just do it? I feel like even if he does want to talk to me, he's too afraid to. But I want him to come to me. I want him back. Everyone's saying For me to move on but it's so hard and I honestly don't want to. I thought what we had was special and I really can't believe he left me like this. He once had really strong feelings for me so I know there's potential for them to come back I just don't know what to do. I don't know why he left me and I don't know what to do to get his attention. I've been posting more pictures on social media and I'm trying to seem happy but I think it's gonna take more than that to get him to text me.

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Why do you want to be with someone who KEEPS LEAVING YOU? Your fights are about how he isn't as into you as you are to him... he KEEPS LEAVING YOU. He calls you names. He is dating someone else. He doesn't want to be with you. I swear, you can be with someone who actually wants to be with you. It feels a lot better.

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Why do you want to be with someone who KEEPS LEAVING YOU? Your fights are about how he isn't as into you as you are to him... he KEEPS LEAVING YOU. He calls you names. He is dating someone else. He doesn't want to be with you. I swear, you can be with someone who actually wants to be with you. It feels a lot better.


Totally agree. Not only that, but all of this in only three months!?? That's crazy. Do yourself a huge favour and move on already. 3 months is almost zero time invested. Don't waste anymore time and energy on this. Also, you cannot make someone want to be with you. He's already with someone else. Let it go.

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He didn't leave for no reason. He left because he was just not as interested in the relationship anymore. And after three months, this level of drama is insane and not normal. It indicates you two cannot be together.


I am guessing you are both very young. This boy is not worth the heartache, and he's certainly not the love of your life. You can't make anyone want you again, and he's already moved on, girl.


Work on accepting that it's over so you can release yourself from this drama.

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@Jesslb join the gym

Join fund raising programs

Change your wardrobe look

Get a new haircut look please don't go gorth look

Get excellent grades

Join charity organizations which you will have fun doin

Don't call him ever again

He calls you don't answer

Wait until he does the second time then answer and say who's this answer by saying ( oh ...hi there whats up )he responses and you reply no matter how good it sound say this ....oh that's sound great but Ian busy at the moment and I don't know when I can be available sorry have a great one and drop the call


You need to work on self development

Change where you shop

And have new hot sexy haircut even if it's going to cost you 30$ or 50 and 15 $ to maintain the look


Wear like the new modern woman get outfits which are under 150 dollar's celebrity look alike wears if you not working so it's a can do


When he comes to you @ home don't let him in side rather sit out on the porch and hearhe's reasons for coming to you and reply oh I see but Ian kinda busy so I really do not have the time sorry say it smilling not flirty and walk him out the yard wait for him to step out and close the gate and go back in the house or go watch a movie


Meet new people

Hotter girls then you

and meet new guys but do not spread the knees too soon let them work for it meaning even though you want to keep a guy if he can wait for and can kiss with without being too grabbing like breast and ass


Jesslb what Iam teaching you is self development when become hotter then last time he saw you and you're now more busy with you're life and not as available like before



It will attract him to you and most of all other potential guy hotter then him or better carers the he was

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