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Struggling to get over first love

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I just wanted to write this down somewhere...


I was a late bloomer with relationships, or, for that matter, having feelings for someone. I'd like to stress that I was against finding people off the Internet Becuase I thought it was dumb. So naturally, the first person I ever have feelings for is from the Internet...


Unfortunately, the guy that I found lived over 5,000 miles away from me. After a few months of communication, I loved him. I didn't know how to understand what was happening.


I guess the good part though, was that he loved me too. But that didn't matter. Becuase the situation was just too much, and his feelings kind of went elsewhere.


About a year ago, he told me this, and as I understood, we decided that we'd just stay friends. We didn't consider eachother bf and gf when we were talking.


Several months later, I met a guy who fell so hard for me. He adores me, and cherishes me. The only problem is that I still think about the guy who lives away from me.


Ive been with my bf for over 9 months, and I'm having trouble forgetting about the first guy I loved.


Just wanted to put that my bf knows I'm struggling with this.


Anyway, just wanted to know you guys' thoughts or something.

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You're never going to forget your first love and he will always have a special place in your heart. But as long as you are moving on and not trying/hoping to get back together with the ex then you are doing fine. It's going to take time and just try and appreciate your current boyfriend. If you really aren't invested in the current bf then you're not ready for a new relationship yet but you will get there in time.

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