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Long Distance Break Up Advice


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I met a guy last march, we were seeing each other for about 9 months until he went away for work right before new years. I went to see him one weekend this march, but haven't seen him since. We text/talk occasionally, maybe once or twice a week. We never really made plans for a future together, in fact, i have told him on several occasions he has no business calling anyone his girlfriend when he can't plan a future for himself. He text me today and still calls me babe. He has called me his girlfriend several times before, and we have both been listed single on Facebook as long as we have known each other. I don't even know if he thinks we are a couple or not but i want to end whatever it is we have, Im very interested in someone else that i want a future with!


1. Is it ok to do this via text? he is on the opposite side of the country and we have a hard time connecting via phone call.

2. Tips on what to say?

3. Any other words of wisdom?

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