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I feel so angry with my ex

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Hi, I needed somewhere to express my feelings towards this guy.

We were together for a year, and he broke up with me almost randomly saying he didn't know what he wants and didn't see a future, even though we did have a special connection. He said the relationship was "getting serious" after a year, although if I'm honest I didn't think it was - we were just dating we hadn't moved in or anything. The more I think about him saying that to me in the breakup conversation the more angry I feel. I did absolutely nothing to deserve the way he acted towards me.

We haven't spoken immediately since the breakup which has been 22 or 23 days ago, I don't even care, but what does bother me is that even though I'm not contacting him, he is not contacting me either he is essentially acting as if I am dead to him when I have done him no wrong. He thinks he's so smart in his decision and he even told me whilst breaking up that even though "it hurts him it will be better in the long run"... Probably not for him, because he's unlikely to find another girl like me but at this point the main trauma of losing him has gone and I don't even know if I do want him back or to be part of his racist family who hates where I come from.

But I still try and tell myself not to be too bitter, even though the "issues" he mentioned in our relationship made no sense and could have been easily fixed. He always told me to cover up so people couldn't see my body, yet straight away after the breakup he is running after sl#ts wearing the very same things and worse than what I was. I am shocked that a year of a fantastic relationship means nothing to him and he doesn't even care enough to make things work with a girl who loves him. He has just thrown me away and ditched me like some typical girl and it makes me so angry

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