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I really need an advice...


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So, I met this guy a while ago, we've talked back and forth, like friends, nothing really special. I always had this little crush on him but knowing he lives in a different country always "calmed" me down.

One day, our conversations turned into flirting, and he was the one that was flirting, as I was left puzzled to what's happening - but I did enjoy it. We went on with our talks, he would occasionally flirt.

Then something happened and I'm not sure what. I know for certain he is single, so he didn't get into a relationship. But it's like he started giving me the cold shoulder. He would talk to me, but stop replying in the middle of our conversations.

Sometimes he would just ignore my texts altogether. But when he does talk, he is acting very nice and sweet.


Later this year, my brother and I will be visiting the country he is from. Completely random, but I realized there's a chance we can actually meet up and know each other.

I told him, and although he seemed excited at the beginning, he stopped replying as usual in the middle of our conversation.

I'm not sure what to make of it. But I don't want to be the one that constantly texts him. Or seeks out for him.


Why is he acting like this? Why would someone go from flirting to ignore you?

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I have also been in contact with someone from another country. And it is so much fun. It was a mystery and all together, too exciting because I learned so much about a place I didn't think I'd ever care about. But like you, I was always the one texting and going out of my way to make contact. I felt like I cared too much, and he didn't care at all. Even right now, I have been with my current bf for about 1 year, and I am still messed up from the "relationship" i had with the guy that was from another country.


Honestly, I don't think its worth to pursue. Stop making contact with him. I bet there is a guy for you here where you live, and one that will cherish you, and not drop the converstaions.

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