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Did I ruin it?


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Okay so, I met this woman at a wedding and it was amazing. We got on really well and spent the entire day together and ended up staying together. I met all her friends and I got along really well with them too. I was shocked at how well everything went.


We shared common interests but 2 red flags popped up for me. There is an age gap of 4 years between us, I am (23m) she is (27f) which wasn't a deal breaker for me. Another is the fact that she had just gotten out of a long term relationship 2 months ago. I did acknowledge these facts and thought it was okay.


What happend the next day is I made contact with her and how we were speaking seemed like there was definetely mutual feelings that we should see each other again (although she did tell me she was drunk) so we set a date that was 2 weeks away.


Now this is the tricky part. I am currently overseas looking for a new country to live in (just for a while) and while I was here I met this girl. But in 2 weeks I have another trip organised away. I didn't really explain this to her because I feel there is a language gap between us although she can speak English. So I told her that I couldn't wait and that I wanted to see her sooner. I don't think she undstood and stated that she might not be able to see me on the date originally planned, which I took as rejection!


At this point I panicked a little bit and said that I think it's best for me to continue my journey and she replied that it's a real shame because she could in fact see me on the date planned. I tried to play it off cool and said my goodbyes to her and wished her all the best because I had already told her I was going.


I feel like an idiot because I really would love nothing more than to see this girl again but I feel like it is too late because I have already told her I'm leaving and for me to turn around and say that I don't really want to leave would make me look quite dumb. Any advice would be appreciated!

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