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Girlfriend kissed by another man against her will

Jakob F

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Hello everyone. So I don't really know what category to put this under. So my girlfriend had a guy friend and they never hung out they just saw each other at school some times. But I wasn't at school this particular day and so he offered to walk her to her car as she could not drive herself. She hugged him goodbye and he suddenly wrapped his arms around her and would not let her go. She tried to get away and even starting yelling at him. He then told her he would not leave without a kiss and kissed her on the lips. She didn't kiss back and as he let go of her she slapped him as hard as she could. A few days later he called her on the phone and apologized for what he did. Now the biggest issue here is that in the beggining of the school year he would hit on her ALOT. And I told her I did not want her talking to him or hanging out with him but she never listend to me. So I want to know what I should do here. Should I just let it go. Am I over reacting. Should I take him to court as he is 18 and technically can be charged for sexual abuse of a minor. What would be the best choice here

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she didn't have a problem with keeping around a guy who hit on her relentlessly. and expected that she would what, get to keep an orbiter's attention, without him trying to make something happen?


if she is so glad to hang out to be hit on, the she is your problem. and when you told her that- she didn't care. she cared about the attention.


nevertheless, him not letting go when she asked to is crossing the line. doubt the results of reporting a kiss as harassment would make the bother worthwhile. that's up to her, and i doubt she'd go through with it unless he continued to not leave her alone when asked to.


somehow he wasn't blocked after the incident and called, and she answered, so for what we know, she wondering if she is fine with the apology to the point she is still planning on hanging out with him


you would probably do well to just find a girl who isn't craving so much male adoration.

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Well, for one thing, unless you live in Yemen, you can't just "take him to court" on her behalf. She's got to do decide what she wants to do about it. Which, to be completely fair to her were she to decide not to do anything and not to dismiss the guy, it's probably not worth the additional headache over a forced kiss.


That said, it's telling that, as a taken girl, she's entertaining dudes who persistently and strongly vocalize their attraction and intent. Now given that she's a teen, I won't go too hard on her, but in the future, if you've got boundaries, simply dump the person breaking them and find someone who aligns with you. In your shoes, I wouldn't stick around.

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As others have noted, you cannot take him to court. That is for law enforcement and the judicial system to decide.


Watch and see what happens next. If she is truly uncomfortable around this guy, she won't hang out with him anymore and you won't have an issue. If she continues to let him in her life, then you might want to reconsider staying with someone who doesn't have any boundaries.

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