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Ex girlfriend trying to make me jealous


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I have been in no contact for 6 weeks now (7 weeks since breakup) and my ex seems overly happy but I'm blocked on every social network. We tried to be friends but it didn't work. I heard from mutual friends she's trying everything she can to make me jealous. She even hangs with some of my friends which I'm unhappy about, but I act normal because I don't want to seem clingy. She makes sure her friends post pictures on instagram with her HOLDING the camera so it almost seems like she demanded it to be posted so I would see her. I try to move on but a gut feeling of mine says she's hurting and that's why she's trying to play jealousy games because she wants to see if she can fall back on me. I really want her back but I don't know what to do and I don't know why she is trying to make me jealous.

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I would move on.


Take her signs of blocking you as a solid reason that she doesn't want a relationship with you anymore. Don't check up on her or inquire about her through mutual friends. Clearly this is precluding you from healing.


Don't torture yourself. Ignore her. What you are doing is not healthy. Focus on you and moving forward.


Good luck.

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Why on Earth do you still want her? Im telling you, if you take her back after all the games she has played then you are going to be her doormat. She doesnt respect you one bit. You are her puppy dog.


If thats what you want to be, good luck. If you think you deserve better then tell her to have a good life and let her go.

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