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Going so well to absolutely awful!!!


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Hi guys,


So let me give you a bit of background knowledge on the situation. So I work with this girl who was in a long term relationship but she recently came out of it a couple weeks ago. Then she started acting differently and was more flirty and told me that she liked me and this was good because I felt the same way. Anyway we started getting closer and going out more and she said that she didn't want to put a label on this but we can do anything you would do in a relationship I.e sex. Then she also said that we were exclusive so I couldn't see anyone else which is fine because I really like the girl. But last night, 1 day after everything is going so well, she texts me to say that she has been thinking about our talks the day before and she isn't ready for another relationship etc. She doesn't want to be with her ex and has had a lot of change recently so just wants to focus on her. She wants to carry on the way we are and hanging out and being friends but doesn't want anything too personal like meeting family or anything intimate. But then she says that she still likes me and in the future we can see what happens from the friendship, it could go into a relationship or not. I'm happy to wait around for this because as I say I really like the girl but would anyone know what kind of timeframe this would take? I don't u derstand how it can go from being so perfect and she still Iikes me to so down hill and ? This has just added to the times atm because I'm doing my a levels so that adds stress and all of it is making me feel so and down and I've even lost my appetite which doesn't seem normal.


I appreciate any answers on what I can do and if it sounds like they'll ever be a chance for an US and how to play it? Plus how do I not let this get in the way of my exams because it's completely messing with my head?

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This girl just got out of a relationship, and it's for this reason alone that it's best not to get involved with people right away post break up. She hasn't had time to process everything. Sounds like she moved too fast and is now realizing that she isn't ready to be in an exclusive relationship. There is no time frame to give here, it's completely unrealistic to expect one. Everyone moves differently and no one can predict how long this girl is going to be ready to be in one, and it might not be with you. You could give the friendship a shot and see where it goes, but be advised that it might not turn int a relationship, you'll have to assess things as you go and determine if it's worth being friends with this girl hoping for the possibility of a relationship.

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