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Moved in with new guy a week after breakup and took the kids


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Hello everyone. I am new here and was reading through a lot of the threads and people seem to have good advice.


About six weeks ago, my girlfriend of 6 years left me. I'm 33 and she's 36 and we have two kids together. The relationship started on rough waters, I first met her at my dads funeral and she was having problems with alcohol at the time but have overcome it years ago. I wasn't too fond of her controlling mother and some bad influences in her life. Those have been the two major rifts. She's always been very caring, empathetic and a loving mother. Towards the end, we were in a rut, nagging and little arguments and disagreements. There was no abuse or cheating.


After she broke up with me she started a relationship with a new guy and moved in soon after and has brought the kids to stay there as well. I've only been able to see the kids twice in 6 weeks. When I try to talk to her, even about the kids, she responds with anger, either about past fights, I'm a bad father or things that have happened years ago. I'm seeing another side to her that I've never experienced. I don't talk bad about her or the new guy. I don't know if this is a rebound or if she's moved on and wants nothing to do with me or maybe an emotional crisis?


Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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While IMO tantamount to kidnapping assuming no violence or abuse from your end, there isn't anything you can do about her withholding your child from you without going to court. Seek out an attorney ASAP. Get a pen and cash ready to go to the courthouse. What's the holdup been these last 6 weeks?

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I dont know where you live but in my state in the US you can't move children into the house of a new boyfriend or girlfriend with 3 to 6 months(age matters) after a break. If they lived with both for the last two years. Even if not married.


You needed a lawyer 5 weeks 6 days ago.

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