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How to ask a girl out after dating?


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I [19/M] have been on 4 dates with a coworker [18/F]. We are both clearly attracted to one another and I want to make things official and exclusive before I leave on vacation in a few weeks. It's not so much finding a moment, but how would I phrase asking her out? Would I just create a nice moment and ask "would you go out with me"? Any answers would be appreciated.

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It might be a bit too soon to have the exclusivity talk after only four dates? You can try to steer things in that direction by subtly making it known that you 1) look forward to seeing her when you get back and 2) are looking for a relationship. You can do this by making plans with her for when you return, and talk about stuff you'd like to do together in the future like certain movies you want to see or activities you'd like to try.


After only four dates you wouldn't normally assume that someone will agree to be your significant other...it takes more time and investment to create a real relationship.

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