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Ex texted me

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I wrk with my ex and the other day after he got out of wrk he texted me asking if it was awkward seeing him at work and it I didn't want to see him that he would try and avoid if I wanted even though he didn't want to. I took this as an excuse for him to text me. We ended up talking n saying little sorrys here n there I tell humid he ever wanted to hang out as friends. Later I tell him I'll be close to his house if I can stop by. I had no idea what I wanted to talk to him about I just kind of wanted to see him and I felt like he was missing me like I was missing him. It was good we just talked about stuff going on in our lives and wrk. We hugged goodbye but I didn't let and then he didn't and eventually we kissed. This happened before. I told him I missed him and he told me he misses me. It's the same as before. It was really nice but the last time it was good n then he left after ten days. It makes me scared I really want to try but I think I'm waiting for everytime to be perfect how it was in the beginning. Anyways he says he wants to take things slow. Is that a bad thing. I don't think we ever took things fast in the first place though?!?!

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