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More attacks the the U.K.

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Why can't we offer good things in our own ways?


Not everyone sees prayer as a good thing , nor wants it during a time of tragedy and grief. It is when people are most vulnerable. Not everybody is religious. I just think people should not interject their beliefs into others grieving processes.


The people here are good people, and I'm sure with the best of intentions. The best intentions can still hurt. The prayers are for oneself, unless specifically asked for, and certainly have been used at times to push certain belief systems when people are down. So I just personally wish people wouldn't presume it is a good thing to another to tell them ' I'm praying for you'.

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Quite so, ItsallGrand.


Not everybody is religious. In fact a very large number of people are not, and I include myself.


And yes, Limiya.


We sure don't scare easily! I'd be far more scared if there was NOT a huge police presence.


Oh yes...and I believe our world is a marvellous, resilient place with (mainly) positive, resilient people in it.

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Ok. I won't offer mine publicly. That's fine . But I won't be changing my belief system because others think I should. Nor will I offer public compassion for the world on here but I know where my heart is and what I meant in offering compassion to the world.

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