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Am I making progress towards her taking me back

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Me and my girlfriend of about a year broke up about 3 months ago. We lived together for 10 of those months and we had a fight one night and I didn't think things through and left. I highly regret it now. But about 3 weeks ago she messaged me and we have talked everyday since. We have went to lunch a couple times and I've went over to her house to hang out and spend time with her daughters as she even let me have a 1 on 1 day with each one of her daughters. She lets me know what's going on in her life and is always asking for advice on this or that. We have became like best friends again. I'm doing everything I can for her to want to take me back it's just some days o feel like I'm not making progress although I know it's a slow process to rebuild trust especially when there are children involved but the kids are getting attached again and are always so happy to see me. Would she risk their emotions of being hurt again if she didn't have good intentions. Should I ask her about getting back together or let it flow a couple more weeks. Opinions??????

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