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Is this tacky, and too late to ask to be a part of wedding?


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Hi guys, I am getting married in 2 months. We had a long engagement and didn't really start planning until after a year of being engaged. I asked my best man and three close friends to be groomsmen. I never got around to asking the other three friends I planned on having if they would like to be groomsmen. We are going on a bachelor party next week (just the groomsmen and three other guys). Is it too late to ask them on the trip? I don't want them to think I waited to ask them last or that nobody else could be it and they are last resort (which is not true). Will this be awkward and will they feel pressured to say yes? Only reason I am worried is because it is so late in the game. Maybe I could ask them privately after the bachelor party at a dinner. I didn't want to text them or call, I wanted to ask them in person, and we all have been so busy I haven't got a chance to get the whole group together in awhile. I have seen them many times separately since the engagement, just not all together, and also we really didn't start planning until after some time. Thanks for any advice!

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how would you feel if someone asked you to be a groomsman a week before the wedding? I am not talking about the situation that my cousin had where a groomsmen died weeks before the wedding and the groomsmen's brother was asked to step in to honor him. This is like doubling your wedding party. And i would feel like i was an afterthought if someone asked me at the last minute like that. How about the bride? is she okay with this - or does she have 7 bridesmaids and you are scrambling.

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the bachelor party is basically the 4 people I asked (close cousins/friends I've known the longest). Plus the other guys I want to ask but haven't yet. If we are all sitting down at dinner I thought to say something like, "hey since we are all finally together thought I'd ask you all here to be groomsmen". I wanted to have everyone together but with busy schedules haven't been able to do that.

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