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As some of you may know.. i have a crush on a guy that goes to my GYM.. we always make eye contact and smirk... we haven't had a FULL conversation yet ..just shorts one like ''are you using that, or hello or what's upp etc..'', last week i took my shyness away and asked him what his name was.. he seems like a shy guy too... i don't know.. sometime he seems into me but other days seems like he isn't.. i was about to give up on him when yesterday happened something remarkable xD i was drinking water, he came... KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK and then he said ''hi, how are you?'' while going to the water foundation... i was shocked haha i didnt expected him to do that.. all i said was'' hey, i'm great haha i even forgot to say ''and you?'' anyways this got me thinking that he may be into me what you guys think? i want him to ask for my phone# so baaaaaaaaad (it would be easier texting) , T.T and i would ask for it but i don't want him to think that i'm that into him... OPINIONS?



-last week he help me with a machine without asking him for help.. o,o

-this kiss wasn't the usual friendly kiss, i can say it was almost on the lips..

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I don't really think he sounds shy at all to me. Going up to someone and kissing them on the cheek before you even know their name or have had a conversation, does not seem like a shy move at all to me. Seems like a pretty bold move to me. Seems like he's a pretty big flirt but only when he feels like it.

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