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Should I keep ignoring him


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My ex and I have been friends for 3 years and he was dating someone else for about two years. After they broke up he confessed that he had feelings for me for almost a year. He was super nice to me and called me or texted for a few weeks but he stopped talking to me for about 3days and I asked him about it and he just said he was upset about something but then I found out that he was hanging out with his ex. He lied about them being friends and it he started ignoring me again then I found him at the mall with her again so I broke up with him. I started ignoring him and now he keeps calling and wants to talk to me whenever he sees me around. Should I keep ignoring him? I still have feelings for him. What should I do. I think his ex wants him back because she's always around him

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Yes, ignore.


IF he was totally interested, he wouldn't be hangin with her.

Like having his cake n eating it too. sheesh


One cannot move on properly, if still tied to their past. Dont think he'd have much to 'give' into a relationship with you.. or anyone else at this time.


Self respect- for sure.


You dont need this.. confusion, heartache crap, etc.

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