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I am dating a guy from different background we started 5 months ago and then suddenly he stopped answering 2 months back. After 1 month he again started talking and said he was nervous and said he has some flaws he want me to know and if okay then we can start over. I was okay with it. Everything was going fine until one day I decided to tell him something which I was scared he wouldn't take well but I wanted to be honest so told him he disappeared in middle of conversation and I panicked thinking he has gone again so I messaged him a lot then he replied after two days that nothing was wrong his phone died and when he put it on I was freaking out. He asked me not to stress too much and he was overwhelmed by my messages. After 2 days when I normally sent him message he didn't reply again and have sent him 1-2 messages per day but no reply I am confused

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This is too vague!


All I got out of this is, you told him something that scared him off. Then he disappeared and you keep texting him. If that is the case, just leave it. Texting him a million times with no response is useless. You are just going to appear as being desperate, needy and will just scare him off some more.

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