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So on saturday i was informed about a video my ex made of her cousin pretending to be me, i confronted her about it asking what she possibly has on me 5 months later? She responded it had nothing to do with attacking me she found it cute that her cousin was trying to roast her how she got broken up with? Than tells me his sister is in the hospital with cancer. I wasnt being an a$$ i just wanted to know why i am still a topic, espically when her cousin is really in the hospital with cancer? I told her she didnt need to post it and the next morning she asked me to go down to her shore house for a party i rejected the invitation as i told her it would not be a good idea. Alcohol would be involved and i did not know what the outcome would be.... im not saying wed have sex but anything literally couldve happened esp a huge outbreak. So my question is did she do all this cause she is still missing me or is she screwing with me with the whole invitation thing? This is not the first i heard she talks about me, but even after the breakup she joined my fire dep after saying girl fireman are unattractive, i am very confused right now is she trying to put me back in her life or what?

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