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Need help with my ex

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So me and my ex just broke up about 4 days ago and i messaged her asking her to ring me up, i used that call to ask to talk about it and she replies with "nothing more to say than what i said last time" now im a bit under the thumb and i really appriciate her did i push her away by doing that? Also she hasnt picked her clothes up yet and shes just removed me on facebook but not my friends or family, i have been postinh funny things with my mates and some about girls bums have i gone to far? How can i get her back or is she missing being with me and removed me so shes less upset?

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You should be focusing on healing after the break up, not try and get her back. She sounds like she made it pretty clear to you that she's done! Leave it be.

Please do not use, "your stuff is still at my place" as an excuse to see her. Just either drop it off at her doorstep or mail it to her. It's just clothes it's not as important as trying to get pass the breakup.


She's just trying to get pass the relationship by deleting you off social media, please respect that.

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Its a shame because i really do love the girl and id do anything for her just to not lose her and i think i may have suffocated her a bit i know im young but i love this girl with every inch of my heart its so hard tonjust let go


You can't force her to get back with you either. She made it pretty clear, you just have to let it be. Yes, you are very young, you will get pass this and find another. This will help make you stronger once you get pass this.

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