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Do I stay down here or move into my house?


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Hi everyone,


I'm going to try and explain this the best way I can as it's quite complicated and probably gonna be long so I apologise in advance!


Basically I have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. We met online. We lived 8 hours away from each other so it was long distance. I made the sacrifice to move in with him (also with his parents) until we save to get our own place. It was all going great at first, but I have lost my job and now looking for another ! We are at a stand still and in the same situation. But I was thinking of an easier solution - where I lived before I moved down to live with boyfriend, I inherited a property, my dad passed away and I inherited it from him, there's no mortgage on it! We would save a lot and I would be with my family. But when I speak to my boyfriend about this, he doesn't want to do it, I think this option would be easier and I don't know how I go about it all and I would love everybody's opinions? It's hard work living with parents and just want our own place. I don't know what is right or not.


Thank you

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Can you get help from your family to rent out the property you have inherited (if you aren't already)? Some of that income could be used to help with your living costs where you are, and then you can split the cost on an apartment with your boyfriend and hopefully make a profit... The house should rent for more than what you're required to pay on a smaller place that you share with your partner. Rather than not paying rent by living in the house, you can actually use income from the house to pay your rent and then some. Is that an option you would consider?


That would be ideal, as I don't think you need a whole house to yourself until/unless you're looking to settle down and start a family.


Obviously I can't give you financial advice as to whether this is the best option for you, but you can probably do the maths yourself to figure out whether it's worth it.


I can understand why your boyfriend might not want to move if he has a decent job where he is now, and support from his family. Try and find work and see whether that's easy enough to do - the income will let you delay the decision about where to move until you've fully considered your options. Don't feel like you have to decide immediately just because you're out of work right now, because this doesn't sound like a decision you want to make hastily if it means you might have to leave your boyfriend to go back home.

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The property was rented out to my mum so that was extra income, I nearly sold the house but the woman backed out at the last minute and my mum had already found another place by then so now the house is empty.


Me and my boyfriend were both 26 and are looking to settling down having children in the next 4-5 years and I think this would save us a mortgage.


My boyfriend is self employed electrician and he is not bringing in any work recently. I know I might be making rational decisions cause I'm not working at the moment

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The deleted message probably contained something offensive or unhelpful. Sure, the house would be good to move into when you're ready to start a family but I don't think there is a rush to move back home just yet. What is the reason that your boyfriend doesn't want to move? Is it because being close to his parents means extra financial support if/when work is difficult? Or is it more to do with the fact that moving into your house equates to settling down in a sense?


It is tempting to see your home as a rent-free haven, but it still seems like you would be in a better financial position if you rent out the house you own and use some of that to pay for a cheaper place with your boyfriend.. (e.g.) if the house is worth $500pw and you rent a place with your bf that's $320pw, you end up paying $160pw in rent yourself but receiving $500... Profit of $340pw. Since you guys are not married, and he doesn't want to move right now, I think it's fair for you to do this. You can put that money into savings for use on travel or other investments.


If you really can't be bothered doing that, then move back home with the view that your boyfriend can join you when he's ready.


I don't think anyone can help you figure out how to convince your partner to do something he doesn't want to do, unfortunately.

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