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my patience is wearing thin, but I guess I love the pain.

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this is sort of all over the place but basically my ex and I never really broke up. we just sort of ended things and stopped talking to each other last year after FIVE years. neither of us ever blocked each other or unfriended either just stopped talking. i can't fully go NC with him because of the fact that we have a friend in common who we have become godparents to her daughter since she was born and that was when we were dating. recently his behavior has completely changed to where he thinks he can text me whenever he wants but when the shoe is on the other foot he never responds back. i don't constantly text him or bug him about mindless crap. he hasn't had a successful relationship since me and he's been "spiralling" acting like he doesn't respect himself. one minute he's super nice to me and wants to be friends, the next he's blaming me for things I had already apologized for. my problem is he's placing blame on others for things that are also his fault. he won't listen to others when it comes to advice or even his family. i haven't seen him in almost a month and that was him asking me to come over. it's always on HIS terms not mine. everyone always says let the boy chase you but it's been FIVE years we are way past that stage. i feel like nothing i do at this point will change his horrible attitude towards life but I want some sort of friendship with him.

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You want some sort of 'friendship' with him... WHY?


By sounds of it.. he is toxic and no good-- for you.


I suggest you remain at a distance and move on with your own Life. Not keep following all he's doing.

Sometimes, less we know the better, for our own mental health.


Blaming you.. blaming other's.. He is Negative. No one needs all that crap.. to only keep being brought down.


So.. think again.


Always, take care of YOU.

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I'd ask him to leave you alone and only talk at your "godparents" functions. And don't be afraid to block him. You don't owe him being friends or talking to him (except in what might concern your godchild, but even so I can't imagine there's a lot to talk about)

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well our friend wants us to get back together desperately and it's mostly because when we were together he had a stable job, went out with me and did things and acted like a functioning human being. he hasn't seen his family much and barely speaks to anyone like he used to. i think he's using drugs again (prescription meds) and it's causing him to withdrawal away from everyone and act crazy. I'll never get over him due to the fact that I almost had his child. he and I share a common bond and I wish he's pull his head out his ass and realize that

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