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So confusing as to how to explain or think about this. Please advise.


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Absolutely Alchemist.


But here you have this from OP:


"He was very forward and expressed deep feelings quickly, along with being gorgeous looking he was also very intelligent with a good career. However he lived in a different country in the UK. Yes, alarms bells were ringing.


During conversations he began to tell me of a past he regretted (he didn't eat babies/try to resurrect Hitler or anything like that), however his past could ruin his future or at least severely impact it"


An awful lot of nefarious blokes down through history were a good-looking bunch, but they aren't remembered for their looks!

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Hi everyone. He's very recently been back in touch. With a pic of his passport. I think I have some apologising to do. Sorry for wasting your time everybody but thank you so much for taking the time to offer your opinions and advice. I really do appreciate it.

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