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She change date plans without even asking about it ???


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Hi. I'm in a kinda long distance relationship with my girlfriend. We don't exactly live really far apart but since we are both 17 we need to rely on public transport and it takes at least an hour or two to see each other. Therefore we only get to see each other during holidays. About a month ago, we planned to go on a date. I set date and all which is on a Monday. She said she is fined with it. She had tuition on that day but she said she could cancel it or go to replacement class. The plan is we meet up at a train station early morning then we go on our date together. A week before the date, she talk to me about the date. She said she gotta swim with her family in the morning and her parents can drop her off at some mall, so she ask me if I can meet up with her at the mall. Then she said (We are going out on Sunday right ? Because on Monday I have tuition.)

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I don't think she is trying to purposely change things on you ithout asking you. I think she just doesn't have good time management skills or a decent memory. So, I think you are overreacting about this.


It's like we men are apparently notorious for forgetting anniversaries, yet our partners won't remind us because 'we should remember' then get mad because 'we didn't remember'.


So, work with her forgetfulness more. After making an agreement, reconfirm a couple of days later, and again after that if you need to.

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