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Should I ask him out?


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I moved into a new apartment 3 weeks ago, and want to ask the security guard out.


During the rainy weather I walk my dogs around the inside of the building (a few people do). And while doing so I have had a few short chats with him. he is working, so they are usually only a few minutes. We talked about one of my interests, and in a later chat he asked how it was going. Usually we talk about dogs, mine or his, since I usually have mine with me and they are begging for his attention. Today we talked about his work, and some of the stories of stuff here where I live now.


I am not sure if it’s ok to ask him out. he is the security guard where I live, it is unprofessional or inappropriate? I assume he would never ask me for that reason, but could I ask him?


And I have no idea if he is just friendly or if he would be receptive to me asking him out? I have always done online dating, and have never asked a guy out in person. so I am clueless to gauge his interest. how do I tell if he would be receptive to me asking him out? or should I just go for it?

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He doesn't technically work for the apartment complex. The apartment complex hired an outside company and contracts with them. Then the outside company provides a few security guards. This guy has been the guard at this apartment for about 4 years after spending a few years with his same company at another place. So I almost feel like that may be enough separation. But I do not know. However, I do agree with it being a potential issue. thats why I haven't asked yet. I don't want to put him in that position. he seems like such a nice guy.



I would not do so because he probably can't date tenants and even asking might put him in an awkward position.
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Like it doesn't matter so go ahead and ask him out. or it doesn't matter how is employed its still wrong?


If he works in your building for security I don't think it matters if he works through a company or the building - he's probably not allowed to date the tenants. The good thing is, since he does work for a company maybe he'll get reassigned and then you can date him.

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Could you perhaps invite him out in a platonic setting and get to know him better in a more relaxed environment to begin? Maybe getting together at a nearby dog park, for instance? That way you might be able to learn more about his situation professionally and personally before you take the plunge to invite him on a date.


Good luck!

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Do you know if he's married or has a girlfriend?




I know he has a male roommate who he has known for a while. so I assume no wife. as for girlfriend, I am not entirely sure. But the mention of it hasn't come up at all. so it doesn't seem like it. but I could be wrong.

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