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I get nervous when she wants to make a move and i dont know why


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I am 16yr male and I've got no trouble talking to girls. I've been told on many occasions that I'm quite attractive and charismatic. My problem is that whenever I know she wants to go do something aka hook up i get this sinking feeling in my stomach and i get really nervous and try to make excuses.


just for background, I have had hookups but i went through a messy breakup a few months back.


This happened to me at a party a week back. I was talking to a girl that i thought was really attractive and all was going well she was interested. Then she asked if we could go somewhere more private, at this point is when i internally freaked out and i regret not accepting. ( fyi i said i lost my friend and he might be hurt.. he was drunk).


TL;DR I get scared when i realise that she wants to make a move and i buckle. HELLLPPPP!!!

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