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Still hurting 3 months post breakup

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My ex and I broke up around 3 months ago, which I posted about the how's and why's on this form back when it first happened. He started seeing someone new 2 weeks after our 1 year relationship ended and at first, I hoped he would come back and maybe she was just a rebound. However, 3 months have passed since we broke up/they got together & he's still with her and to be honest, he seems happy. Since we've split, after embarrassing myself by begging and pleading at first, I initiated NC. I failed miserably the first month of trying. I would go two weeks, then break and contact him. This time around, I've been in NC with him since the beggining of April which was when I texted him wishing him a happy birthday. He didn't reply. I've been trying everything to help myself get over this, but it seems like nothing is working. I've went on dates with a new guy but we don't really have a connection. I've tried to spend more time with my friends and family, I've been to parties, I've talked about the situation to anyone who was willing to listen, I've cried and cried. I've been trying to focus on my studies, but now we are out for the summer. I even got two new jobs for the summer to keep me busy, and I do like them. Despite all of this, & despite 3 months passing since it's happening, I'm still hurting. I'll go through phases where I feel content, not neccesarily happy, but indifferent or numb I guess, and it'll last for 2-3 weeks at a time. Then, out of nowhere, I'll break down. I'll cry so hard and be unable to console myself. It feels like it just happened all over again. Like my heart is getting ripped out over and over. Just when I think I'm getting better, it hits me all at once. When I see him and his new girl together, & how happy they are, it still causes a pain at my heart. Since classes are ending, I won't see him or her or them together for some months, as I have them both blocked on all social media, so hopefully that'll help some, but I don't know. I sometimes question how he can replace me and what we had so easily, why I wasn't worth the fight, why can he be happy while I'm miserable even though I was a good girlfriend to him. What did I do to deserve this? I just want it to go away. I'm tired of hurting over this. I don't know what other methods to try to make it go away as I feel like I've tried everything. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

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it is just going to take time. you are doing all the right things. cover your wounds....apply bandages as needed....but in the end, time will still need to pass before the wound is completely healed.


lean on friends and family for support and come here to vent. it helps.


sending you light and love.

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Sometimes time is the only healer.

It will take some more time to get past everything. The fact that he did move on quickly would be hurtful to anyone on many levels. But somehow you have to find it within yourself to let it go and to not keep letting it hurt you so much.

It says more about him truthfully, then it does you. It says that he does not love very deeply and replaces people easily, which again shows how shallow he is. You don't want a man like that.

Give yourself some more time and be gentle with yourself. You are slowly healing as each day passes.

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