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HELP My boyfriend blocked me after an argument

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Almost 3 weeks ago me and my (EX) boyfriend that ive been seeing for about a year had a huge explosive and petty fight over him being selfish/ self centered and not coming to spend time with me when he was in town, especially after I bought a plane ticket to see him a month later before he moved in the same area as me, still about an hr out.

We were both pretty mean and petty to eachother and this lasted for two days

He then suggested we take a break and i agreed sending him a goofy picture saying we were finally getting somewhere after weeks. He said something mean so I retaliated and he blocked me, and in previous fights i let him know if ur done block me. I then texted him from an alternate iMessage address saying fine id give him his break


I went back to text him two days later saying we should talk cause everything that happened wasn't okay, and a day after i sent that he blocked that contact method. I give it another two days and call him from No caller id, he picks up, i say his name and to not hang up on me and do me shady, he lets me know hes in class (he really was) and i say well when ur out call me we need to talk and he hung up on me


After a week of this i left him 2 voicemails saying i was done, to talk and go our separate ways this time, and since then (for about 2 weeks) I haven't contacted him. Will he ever come back? I really love him and wanna be with him i just want him to see his mistakes and that the way he was treating me isn't okay.

He's permanently moving down closer to me in a month and a half as well.

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Sorry to say it but it's probably best to move on. He clearly doesn't want to talk right now. Take some time for you, and see if he comes around in the next week or two. My opinion is if he can't have a proper conversation about this, how would you have a proper conversation about anything important that you happened to disagree on in the future?

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I think he showed his true feelings when he didn't make time initially. Doesn't not spending time with you show you how he feels?


He doesn't sound like he is interested in you. You should move on, as he did some time ago.


Don't reach out to him again.

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@ Holly, True, he kept trying to coerce me to be the one to drive to see him, and complaining about the hour drive. Its all give and take he didn't wanna do anything for me



That says it all. Always go by the actions. He has shown you that you are not a priority.

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Sigh now I have to suck up this $100 plane ticket, oh well he definitely didn't deserve me anyways

I've always felt second to him and that isn't fair. Time to put me first again, im starting to understand he doesn't give two sh**ts no matter how much he'd claim to

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You guys had a huge fight and you told him you're done, so what is there to talk about?


Just giving you his perspective. Why cause more pain? Are you ready to admit your own mistakes and forgive him? You don't sound like you are.


Edit: I've read the other responses and agree. He's definitely not that into you.

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He was already losing interest when the argument erupted. The argument was just the event that brought it all to a head, but it's safe to say it wasn't going to last much longer.


People who are interested act interested. He isn't interested anymore and his actions reflect that. It's better to let him stay gone so you can move on.

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