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I have a GYM crush.. im so shy! NEED TIPS


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So there is this guy that goes to my gym (he's not that good looking guy but i really feel attracted). I noticed him first.. then 1 week later he caught me looking at him and since then, anytime we're closer working out we ALWAYS making eye contact! but we haven't had a full conversation where i can know what's his name, how he acts, you know the basics!.. i want to talk to him so badly but i'm too shy to go where he's working out and talk... i feel like i will interrupt him or people around will think i'm there just to pick up guys... won't take me serious idk


we have talked, yes but short conversation like ''how are you'' or ''will you use this machine'' or ''keep going''



i really feel something's going on between us.. because we always making eye contact! that's not normal when you do it everytime and every moment...but i will leave here a couple of reason that make me think he's interested:


-i caught him looking at me sometimes: yesterday was the main caught..so i was using a machine closer to where the TV is.. the TV is up in the wall, he came closer to see what was on the TV.. and i caught him looking at me thought the mirror. when i saw him, he immediately put his eyes back on the Tv..


-He used to say hi without smiling but lately when i say hi or i say hi we smirked


-he will purposefully walk by me: it could mean nothing but he usually does it! one day he even touch my arm walking though...


-We haven't spoke yet but he has been throwing some words like ''keep going'' 'go one'' when he pass by (because i take long breaks between workouts)... yesterday he did something funny xD he looked at me and put a face of ''what are you doing taking breaks HUM keep working out'' like smiling and raising his eyes and i smiled back haha


-FOR THE FIRST EVER TIME..yesterday he came to help me without me asking for it.. then i told him how could i use the machine.. he was telling me how to but then the trainer came and ruined it all because he left but wow i felt good..


that's basically it till today.. we have been in this eye contact game for abt 3 months.. and it gets stronger..


PD: he once tried to talk to me by asking what my cellphones brand was but... i was so nervous that i answered and left to drink water. i didn't take advantage of itt!! it was at the first months he then stopped going to the gym but came back


any tips???? I HOPE HE'S THERE TONIGHT!!

I was thinking about asking my trainer about his name at least but if i do that my trainer will know i'm interested... but what you guys think?

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Lol I'm in some kind of situation just like you too, I'm still figuring it out😂

I think you should try not to walk away, try to be a bit more casual, just like him, throw some words as " you are working out hard" " it will pay!" I don't know, things related to ur workout routine since both of you have that in common.

Btw how is it going since the last time u updated?

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I know that you are really shy but your concern seems easy to resolve.


Here is a tip so you can at least start a conversation or get his name.

1. Try working out near where he works out.

2. Say "hi" since you are used to greeting him. Of course with a smile. A sweet one.

3. Then ask him how long he has been working out if you haven't asked already.

4. Then just ask anything about other workout tip he could give regarding what you are doing.

5. Then thank him for the help and simply say, "by the way, i'm..."


Try this. It works.

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I'd leave him alone, 3 months is a long time. Workout and leave, he'll find you. Otherwise he'll find someone else in the gym, you'll leave because now it's a bad memory. You could also take a break, absence makes the heart grow fonder situation. Time for him to man-up. Good luck.

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