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a comparison of sorts. sorting out my own mind and figuring out what to do.


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I'm exaggerating a bit, but this is how I feel at the moment.



I drive to see you as often as I can, the three hours each way is worth it to see you.

I bring you flowers every other visit, because I know you like them.

I bring you gifts that help you in your life, like a roomba, a laptop, a roku.

I take you on trips, to places that are a surprise for you.

I help your credit by adding you to my accounts.

I make sure you'll be ok if anything happens to be by adding you to my life insurance.

I tell you how very beautiful you are all the time. My body shows you how beautiful I think you are.

I scratch your back often, because I know you like it, and I like doing it.

I hold you when you sleep, because I know it helps you sleep better.

I send you reminders every day not to smoke, because you asked me to help you stop.

I send you reminders to make appointments with a sleep doctor, because you have so much trouble with it.

I offer to make changing your life easy by covering all housing expenses, so that you can have the freedom to stop managing the busy restaurant and learn something else. I know you can do anything you set your mind to, you have a philosophy degree and went through law school.

I asked you to marry me, because I am so in love with you and I can't imagine ever wanting to be with someone else as much as I want to be with you.




When I come to you with something I'm upset about, or hurt about, you raise your voice to me and get defensive.

When I bring up sex and you're not in the mood, you get mad at me or just flat out ignore me.

You work 70 hour weeks at a job that you hate, you are always stressed, exhausted, sad or mad.

When I ask you to meet me in the middle, instead of at your apartment, you tell me I add layers of stress to your life.

When I tell you I wish I had waited for you to initiate sex at the start of our relationship, instead of bugging you about it so much early on, you tell me you probably wouldn't have ever initiated.

You tell me you're happy with how things turned out for you, but you don't really try to understand how I was hurt at the start of our relationship.

You make me feel guilty when I ask about sex.

You make me feel guilty when I ask about your schedule and when you'll be free.

You make me feel silly.


Why am I so in love with you?

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Good question. Doesn't sound like a mutual relationship.


You sound more like a parent, than partner. Life insurance? Really!!!


Time to find someone who gives a damn about you.



I'm starting to feel the same way. If things don't change in the next 2 months I may make a change. This is exhausting. I've been really devoted.

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