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Ex reached out to give me bowl he made

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So I wake up to a text from my ex that he wants to give me a bowl he made from ceramics as a kind of thank you for helping me get into the class. I'm not gonna read to much in it even though I kind of want me. It's bittersweet bc he finally reached out and in some ways I feel like we can be somewhat work friends. Makes me sad though bc it gives me false hope n I don't want to have any hopes for him. I want to move on completely. I really do miss him n wish things could go back to normal but I know that's not possible. I don't want to keep going back and getting hurt or wonder if he is going to break up w me for her or if he misses her while w me. I don't even know if he's w his ex bc his friend told me he was single. I hate that people always talk about him to me. I just want this all to

End and feel normal again. I have been feeling better but this set me back a little. What do you think. Is this is sry. Let's be friends. I miss him

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A few things. He has a hard time giving up his Xs. Why do you suppose that is? He is not a risk taker and loves to be reassured. He needs you in his life than you need him. You said in an earlier post that you wished things were back to what they were and that he was "Perfect in my eyes". No, he is not perfect, he showed you a fake version of him. He showed you what you wanted to see and not who he really is. If you take off the "he was perfect glasses" youll see an insecure, fragile guy that needs to be needed. Hardley the perfect confident man you want.


If it wont cause you harm, then accept the gift then give it away. Keeping it will only keep the emotional vines you have attached to him fresh.


And you have been grieving the loss longer than the relationship was. Why? Was there prior relationships that you have not placed behind you? I would suggest a professional to help you over the hump.

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What do I think? That it's cruel and self-serving of him to be reaching out when he knows you have feelings for him, and he's with someone else, especially with such a sentimental gift. Really nasty, even though he's probably telling himself what a nice guy he is.


Tell him that you're glad he's moving on with his life and being creative, but you don't want any gifts from him and would he please leave you alone. Every time he reaches out, it's going to set you back again. If you DO accept it, it's going to remind you of your hurt every time you look at it.


When it comes to friends, I prefer to have ones who I don't cry myself to sleep over.

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Since you still have hopes of reconciliation and he does not, no contact would be best. You need to tell him that before you hurt yourself more stringing yourself along. Don't accept friendzoning when he's with someone else and it's not what you want.


Also block and delete him from all social media and change the subject if friends bring him up. "we're broken up, let's talk about something more interesting."


Get on some dating apps and start browsing. When ready, start talking to guys.

it gives me false hope n I don't want to have any hopes for him. I really do miss him n wish things could go back to normal but I know that's not possible.wonder if he is going to break up w me for her
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This was my first relationship. I've been in school m never really gave anyone a real chance. I thought we had something "special" as most people do. I blame myself for thinking he was so perfect and believing every word he said. I let him break up w me for no reason m then I started talking to him again just for him to stop talking to me. Lesson learned I guess. It's hard bc I really liked him but I think I'm starting g to get past this. I think this made me sad the other day but I feel better. In some ways it gave me closure bc I just wanted him to reach out to me. My ego wanted to know I was worthy of something. I'm not saying bc he did this it means I'm worthy. I think I finally realized I'm worthy no matter what.

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