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We are facing a negativity crisis in the current world. A lot of people are not able to deal with anxiety, depression and tension. The more we read the news papers and televisions the more negative news comes up into brain.

Somewhere down the road faith is lost in goodness and positivity. The world is becoming selfish day by day and it is not helping the individuals.


It all begins with thoughts. Thoughts are like energy waves, they also carry the emotional energies of the person projecting them. When they move out of one brain and come into contact with another, the other person fills his mind and heart with the same energies.


This is why it has become important to shed the negativity and turn on the inner light of positivity.


Only good positive should exist in our brains.

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Many a times its some kind of a foggy situation, nothing is clear. Something needs to be achieved but we are not sure about the way. There is some requirement to be met but we are not sure what it would take to meet the challenge. Then there is the deadline. We are cautious about making a wrong move, what if our efforts do not yield anything.


In those situation, i believe one should get ahead step by step. Checking your steps after a certain interval and then again get going. Not everything can be completely planned. We may just need to try out certain things without the fear failures.


Someone once said, our failures are our biggest teaches. It's easy to be optimistic and positive when things are clear, but its more important to stay positive amidst uncertainty.


And remember there is nothing personnel about it. There is nothing personnel about the way things happen and the world moves. It has its own course.

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Start the day with a powerful thought, something positive. The same energy should be carrier throughout the day.


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"


- Mark Twain


"Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overall and looks like work"

- Edison

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I wonder how traits are built up in a human being. Why someone is courageous and someone is fearful, why someone is outgoing and someone like to sit at home, why someone is sane and follows the rule while others break the rules.

I wonder what the right kind of behaviour is and how we define. If it is possible at all to be right all the time, to be correct all the time. Should we just accept that we are bound to make mistakes and we can only minimize them.

One behaviour is judged from many different angles, when someone kills for a war the winners rejoice while the family members of the deceased mourn. The same action can create different reactions amongst different people.


I wonder whether the righteousness should be judged by the reactions of others. I wonder one should work getting a good reaction from others or should just do what is right.


I wonder how you define right. What is the absolute mantra of considering something as right or wrong. Is there an absolute parameter which can categorize anything as right. There are lot many things to ponder.


Its all foggy. But I hope that it will clear up.

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