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Hi guys,


I'm back for more advice, you may remember my posts about the volatile girl I had sex with, well I got space, she's now hooked up with someone else and that's all done. Well, now for the next stupid escapade. During this time a good female friend of mine, who's married has been trying to get me to go to Church, I went on Good Friday as I wanted to anyway and she was also going, then again on Easter Saturday which I wasn't going to attend. During this day, without sounding like a fruitcake, I had a profound religious experience which has pretty much stayed with me. Anyway whilst this has been going on my feelings for her have also been growing, she's so kind hearted and such a pure soul. We've often flirted outrageously but she's always careful not to instigate, infact it's always me. She's even said at one time she would want have relations but that she just can't do it due to, obviously her husband, adult kids etc. She's just been on holiday and we sent texts once or twice but I'm TRYING to be mindful that this just cannot happen. The problem is my feelings don't give a damn about any of that and I actually care for her, well, I love her truth be known. I assume that we may go to Church now she's back, which I want to for faith reasons although clearly she would be there again. She told me she misses me before she left but, I don't know it can't and won't go anywhere, but I'm left with the intense feelings for her, I think mainly because I know it's something I cant have.



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Because nothing yet has been done that can't be undone, I'm

Going to be harsh.


There is nothing 'pure' and 'good' about infidelity. If both of you pursue this, it will impact her family, her faith and her mental well-being.

You do not know her well enough to love. You really don't


Step away now and find someone who's not married or bat **** crazy!

For your own sake!!!!

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Seduction, flirting, love bombing, etc are common recruiting tactics. She's safe because she's married. She knows you're vulnerable right now. a good female friend of mine,.. who's married ..has been ..trying to get me to go to Church... I had a profound religious experience which has pretty much stayed with me.


These tactics however subtle or overt have been around a long time. Not related to what she's doing specifically but you may find this interesting Fishing[/url]

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