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I Kissed my Best Friend


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I'm 18 (M) and she is 16 (F). I've known her for nearly 2 years. From the very start I've always wanted to be with her, and that desire has only grown stronger over time. Last night she came over and I decided I wanted to be complete straight forward with my feelings. I told her it would mean the world to me if I could have the chance to share a kiss with her. She warned ahead of time that it likely wouldn't mean anything to her. I understood this and said I would still like to anyway. So we kissed for quite a while and I could not have been happier.


Now it's today. I feel miserable. I've been crying all day and wallowing in self pity. I just want to be happy, but I don't know how. She wants to continue on like nothing ever happened, but now I just can't be content being only friends with her, no matter how close we are. Is there any hope for us being together in the future? What can I do to seem like an attractive partner to her?

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You tried and it went nowhere for her. Time to find someone who might return your affections. You can't just make people like you, that has to happen organically when it comes to friends. Keep her as a friend, but if you know you can't respect her wishes, do her a favor and move on entirely.

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On a positive note, you are finishing high school in the next month (or less). If you're going to college/trade school your dating options are going to get bigger than on a high school campus.


In the long run, you're never going to get further with a high school student. So just chill and move on.

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