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I came to a breaking point that was much needed for my personal well being.


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I was eating more and stressing over silly thoughts of inadequacy and 'dying alone.' I realized after I deactivated all of my online dating sites the freedom that came from this!


I don't need to be actively seeking. I need to be working on my own happiness. The first step was admitting to myself being single is okay. That I want to lose 80 pounds! I'm starting Shakeology and beach body work out programs. I'm going to be wearing my Fitbit and calculating steps. I'm going to also be volunteering at the animal shelter starting next month!


I bought myself a topaz ring that is stunning! I didn't need a guy to get me a ring. I bought it myself to remind me I always come first. That I'm important and it's a symbol of self validation and self love.


You see I can't be alone! I never could go without a guy in my life from ages 20 and on.


I thought back to when I was younger and remembered I got on fine being single.


I want to meet someone more naturally this time around. Whether it be through volunteer or through church. When I'm ready and in a better place in my life.


Online there are too many scammers or those who just want a hook up!


Yes there are people on there that are neither of those things.

It's Just the universe gave me a sign now is not the time!


Now I do have eharmony still up but if someone contacts me then that's cool if not then that's also cool! Eharmony takes forever anyway. I figured what the heck? I have had Eharmony for six months so I'll just keep it. I figure if I'm going to be online that dating site is the best one out there!


I'll let the universe work that one out for me!


In the meantime I feel free!!



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