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Still not over my ex

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Hey all ex and i broke up in janurary, we were best friends before the whole relationship i chased her she didnt wanna ruin our friendship but i kept pursuing, only because she showed signs that she wanted to be with me such as holding my hand cuddling and those long stares. I still find myself missing her, i tried dating i tried talking to new girls, but i feel odd its not her its not what i want i want HER, as much as she drove me crazy i miss it. She dumped me cause i was more jealous with her than she was with me, but after breakup guy i was worried about pursued and got friendzoned. Idk if i still miss and love her cause she does little things that keep me wondering or what! Too this day she still bashes me which shows she still angry, she couldnt go to a party cause she felt shed see me but i wasnt even in town? She joined my fire dept, and has checked up on me with a few of my friends she met thru me. She wanted to tell me our cat got pregnant and she readded me on everything one night in feb beginning of march at same time she did that i saw a pic of her drinking my favorite beer. I cant seem to move on and i miss her dearly idk if her actions show she does too but ik her being on my dep we will be close again and sorta forced to talk. I hate this we talked about a house marriage and kids i want it back we are still young but i know i wanted to wife her. Now i am lost and ik there is other girls but they arent MY girl and im kinda lost without her , we spent everyday together and slept together everyday ik that kind of bad but we did it i never got bored of her was always excited to see and she couldnt go to sleep without me we literally acted as if we were married i guess the friendship allowed for that i want her back

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I feel you brother, got dumped in January too. All that stuff you said about your ex girlfriend, brought back memories of the things i said and did with mines. Bestfriend i wanted to wife, we was married without the ring also lol had everything in common, we were like clones we started off as bestfriends too then we fell in love.


After i got dumped we were friends but then she started to distance herself from me, to the point she could go weeks without talking to me. Then it happened, she started dating somebody else 4 days before our would be anniversary (easter day btw) and its been 29 days of no contact as of now.. Received one message within that time.


If you ask me it seems like you still have a chance to get her back but time is ticking, if you feel how i felt before my ex girlfriend started dating this other guy, then i say go after her bro but you might get hurt in the progress, however it seem like she is still into you and she is still single, anger sometimes mean that she is still hurt by the breakup, which means she's still in love with you.


Its risky though, I tried to chase too but the end result was her dating another guy, no contact may work in case though so either try no contact or keep chasing her but you might end up chasing her into another relationship like i did.. So i recommend no contact, sounds like she isn't over yet so it may work for you bro

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Oh, the friendzone is not good, however October 2015 we had a brokeup break, it lasted for a month i was in the friendzone and she was still in love with me (i could tell she was too) and then we got back together again the end of November.. But this time she really really brokeup with me.. For good (i can tell she was no longer in love anymore, and her getting a boyfriend was nail in the coffin of our relationship.. Becareful do what you think is right for you.. good luck, i hope you get her back

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I was not friendzoned the guy was, she was also mad i didnt wanna stay friends and still have sex after breakup later i asked if we couod be friends and she said no you are suffering the consquences i said okay and blocked her to this day she still bashes me i was suppose to go to england with her, and she made a post with my plane ticket saying rip. I sent a happy bday she complained to mutuals and than responded 6 days later

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I was not friendzoned the guy was, she was also mad i didnt wanna stay friends and still have sex after breakup later i asked if we couod be friends and she said no you are suffering the consquences i said okay and blocked her to this day she still bashes me i was suppose to go to england with her, and she made a post with my plane ticket saying rip. I sent a happy bday she complained to mutuals and than responded 6 days later


If you ask me, i say she is still in love with you. Yall brokeup in January, its May now and she is still doing little things to get your attention, making a post about your trip to england, complaining to mutuals. You have to pay attention to the obvious signs, she is just upset with you i think you should have a long talk with her.


My apologies, so the other guy got friendzoned meaning she is still single. She's still in love with you and wants to be with you but she just wants you to stop being jealous, she wants you to change but people don't change over night and she has to understand that. Something about you isn't telling her, you're trying to change..


If my ex was still doing the things your ex is doing. i would've just tried to have a long and serious talk, actually the first time we brokeup we had that talk and we ended up back together, we talked about "what she wanted" "what she wanted from me" ect.. We lasted for another year then we brokeup in January. Her love for me was still there but she wanted to remain friends


Then February came, and i panicked because i thought i was gonna lose her for good this time, so i searched up "how to get your ex girlfriend back" and tried no contact.. I got to day 4 and tried contacting her and she totally changed. She became a different person, tried to get her back up until the 12th of april. The no contact pushed her away and now she is gone for good


Anyways its obvious she's still in love but she looking for you to change, she don't wanna lose you forever and you still love her and want her back, so try to talk and if that don't work. You have to try no contact, if you don't wanna just be friends. I don't know what else to tell im just trying to help you.


So i apologize if im not giving you the right answer, however i tried to get my ex back but i lost her forever. We were together for 2.5 years, together all the time, had petty arguments but always made up afterwards. I didn't wanna lose her but sometimes. You can't get them back, she told me she wanted to move on. She was serious.. 30 days of no contact today.. Only one message from her, no sign that she wants to be with me.


You have a chance, at least your ex girlfriend is showing signs that she still cares for you, she still loves you.. Just talk to her and if that don't work,you have to try no contact, for yourself in your case it may bring her back because she still show signs of being in love with you.. I hope you get her back, i felt the sameway about my ex.. And if i can help you get yours back, ill be happy sometimes you know when found the one.. nothing else, no other girl can compare to her, then you do whatever you can to get her back.. You don't wanna be forced to move like me

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She has to want you back, you can't make her want you back and staying around and keeping in contact is showing her that she has a hold on you, and she does. Women wanna be with a strong man, no contact will show her that you can live without her, of course you don't wanna live without her but you gotta she her your strength.


As you can see for yourself keeping contact is not bringing ber back, talk to her one last time and tell her how you feel and if that don't work. Go no contact, or just go no contact and don't say anything, make her wonder where you are and what you are doing.. Disappear, the more you stay, the more you boost her ego.


She think you're too weak to be with her and jealousy is a sign to justify that she is right. When you stay in contact your ex will only focus on the bad things about you, to make sure she made the right decision when she chose to leave you. Even if you do good she won't notice that because she didn't have enough time to miss the good in you, the reason she fell in love with you in the first place.


Thats why she post things like the ticket, because she knows you're checking up on her, yea no doubt she still loves you, however you not making her want to be with you, no contact is the only option bro.. Make her miss you, become a ghost, yes you want her back but she gotta want you back man. You have to let go of her hold and work on improving yourself.


Can't want something if you still have it and you still see the reason why you left that something, no contact is really for you to improve on yourself, to let her know.. "hey if you don't want me, somebody else will" I know, all you want is her but, she has to see your growth, and if she really do love you and care about you, she will comeback but sometimes.. Like in my case, you just gotta move on.. Maybe it wasn't meant be, who knows? Maybe 2 months of no contact, you will become the man she wants and she will want you back. Or maybe she is just using you to boost her ego, cause she know you can't live without her.


Make decision, at the end of the day, she left you. Make her regret that decision, don't be her friend, let her know you not looking for a friendship. Tell her either we get back together or im leaving for good or just leave and tell her "when you ready to continue what we had, come look for me" then no contact. Be strong bro.. Good luck

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Really apperciate lonely loner, we broke up in januray things were messy people got involved we kept meeting up and having make up sex, but than her friends would push her away i got super upset got drunk i took her belongings from my closet and put them on my porch told her i couldnt do this game of tug of war anymore she allowed to many people know our business and she needed to grt her stuff (of course sober me regretted that big time) and i later found out she stayed up that whole night crying. It killed me, things got weird every pic of us she captioned , she bashed me everywhere to everyone told everyone but she didnt fully burn our bridges cause she didnt tell her mom everything she was telling everyone else (that i was abusive) i loved her to death and would never hit her i saw her to be the future mother of my child! She hurt me when i felt she didnt fully hear what i was saying and maybe seeing this guy pursue her she was had to be like he was right all along! Weeks later she readded me back and sent me "accidental" snapchats the night she added me she posted a pic of her drinking my fav beer the same time she added me odd? I tried to make things right one last time in feburary and she said maybe in a month you are suffering the consquences okay i have been in nc ever since. I did wish her happy bday in april just to show ya i can get over what you did to me i am mature and moved on from that bs, she complained to mutuals as she been even when i was in nc but she checked up on me thru a couple friends during that time, i was also told she was upset i stopped caring and she was more worried about me than herself, 1 Whole month of nc she joined my fire department, and i feel she wanted to tell me about our cat we got in october that got pregnant to break the ice, cause she told my friend she wanted to tell me about the cat but i acted as if she was non existent i than later saw her again and simply said hello and continued my day

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