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Too hairy to get married ? :(


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I will be getting married to my fiance in about 6 weeks and we will then be living together. Before getting married, I always used to spend like the day before seeing him waxing/shaving. The hair would grow back literally after 2 days. I have thick hair and im literally hairy everywheree on my bodyy. But when we start living together, I dont know how i will deal with my bodyhair. It feels abnormal, my hair is dark , its on my stomach , my butt cheeks etc etc. If I wax, I will have to wait for my hair to regroww to a certain length and he will have to bare with it too plus when i wax , my hair grows back literally like after 2 days ! It doesnt feel nice too. Laser hair removal is too expensive. I dont know what to do, im stressing outttt

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First of all - he loves you. Why not just sit down and talk to him about it?


I don't have thick hair - but will tell you that when I don't shave my legs for a week or more, my husband does not notice. when i say something, he says it doens't matter to him. As long as i am not braiding it lol. I keep up on it but the bathroom is so dark in the winter that i don't notice i missed spots until i go outside.


Also, have you ever been checked by a doctor for polycystic ovary syndrome? It can cause excess body hair. having it on your legs is totally normal - but if it is on your rear end, your stomach and not just a light trail of spoaradic hail from your navel to your pubic hair, it could be so. Treatment might be a simple medication or possible minor procedure - but usually medication.


It could very well be that he has seen you when your hair has grown a little and has not noticed at all.

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Aww, me too, hun. Hair on my belly, my chin, in between my breasts. I shave those areas daily. The guy I'm with, he doesn't care. I used to shave my legs daily because I get really dark hair growth, like black, and it's sharp and stubbly. Then one time I saw him after having not shaved for like 3-4 days and it was monstrous, lol. And I wore jeans, and he hiked my jeans up, saw my leg hair, and ran his hands up and down them - I was cringing so bad! I made a remark about it and he said "babe, I don't love you because of your body hair length". And it was a nonissue after that.


I think as long as you keep your body hair manageable, i.e. shave or wax the "weird" areas regularly and the other areas (privates, legs, arms - if you do that -) every couple days, or weekly, then you'll be fine. I think most men don't care too much either way.

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my boss bought one of those at home hair removal lights and loves it. when anything grows back it is literally just tiny fuzz and then she "zaps" it again. it is a quick and painless process. hers was about 200 euro. i would check online reviews to see which brands people are happiest with and how long it allows the users with strong and plentiful body hair to go between uses.


i am very happy with an electric depilator but only for legs. never use that on more sensitive areas, trust me. i hardly have anymore hair on my legs. what grows back is very tiny and feeble, can't be felt if you touch the skin, and you can only see it if you look at it towards strong light. the hairs are so weak that if i rub my skin with my fingers they fall out (hairs, not fingers lol).


if it is not hereditary, do check your hormones.


hubs won't mind. you two will fart. you will use the bathroom after each other. you will sag and your boobs will sweep the floor as will his ballz. as long as you love each other to bits it won't make a ....hair of a difference.

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This man loves you and has chosen to marry you, that's not going to change because of a bit of hair. He can't be that superficial and if he is, good to know now before you get married.


Just let him know and try not to overthink it and let it stress you.

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He loves you and is going to marry you. He won't stop loving you for this. If this bothers you so much why not try those laser treatments or something like that? You'll have much less hair naturally. But seriously, I wouldn't worry too much about this affecting his love for you.

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