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as some of you may know ive gotten out of a breakup about 3 months ago and it hurt me very badly. i am seeing a therapist and taking antidepressants.


anyway, i've confided in one of my guy best friends and i'm really starting to like him he calls me beautiful, gives me massages, orders pizza and really nice things. i can tell he likes me too. we talk on the phone and play video games together too.


i never thought i'd be able to move on but now i finally am and i feel so happy. i'm crying while typing this because i feel so much stronger and smarter. i'm happy whenever i look in the mirror and i'm taking care of myself more than I was when i was dating my ex.


my best friend is SUPER patient with me, especially when i randomly get triggered and breakdown. i'm very thankful for him. he knows i have problems and he knows he can't fix them, but he wants to support me and encourage me.


if you're going through a breakup, just know someone better will come for you. whether it be a year or a month from now, you'll find happiness again. i thought i would be depressed for a very long time but my ex barely crosses my mind and i don't care about what he's up to anymore.


i'm becoming happy again!

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Excellent. How did he respond? Are you thinking of dating him?


sorry for the late reply!

yes, we both like each other and I want to date him. school is a big work load right now so i decided to wait until schools over so it won't be a big stress

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