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I think this girl is playing with my feelings, please help me


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It's gonna be kind of long, so please bear with me

So, I've been in love with a girl for 2 years, and I used to be her friend. We used to study together, walk around together, and sometimes I used to give her rides as well. However, last month, she told me she liked this other guy (my best friend), and since I got visibly angry and sad after hearing that, she realized I was into her, but did not comment on it.

She started ignoring me the next day, and started making eye contact with me frequently (she had a laughing expression, as if she was trying hard not to laugh). I started ignoring her as well after that. In the meantime,she kept on flirting with my best friend and I started flirting with her best friend, and I was starting to think she was into me, she showed all signs, but my best friend started flirting with her too (he did not know I was flirting). She forgot about me,and also started ignoring me after that day (as if she was mad at me).

However, this girl I liked from the start started showing signs of liking me after I started ignoring her,she started talking to me more frequently and instead of trying not to laugh at me, whenever she looked at me she would play with her hair, as if she was nervous around me. We started talking again after that. But she would still flirt with my friend though, who was also flirting with her best friend, who was mad at me (and still is)

It's been like that to this day. However, two major events happened in the last two days:


04/05 -> This girl asked me for a ride, and we flirted pretty much all the time before and during ride. (laughs, locking eyes silently, she told me my motorcycle would break apart because she was fat, as if she wanted me to compliment her, because she is not fat at all hahah). Since it was dark, I offered to take her home instead of leaving her where I usually do, she liked it, thanked me, but said she did not want to bother me.

05/05 -> She asked me for a ride again, but she was clearly different from before. She did not laugh at all during our conversations and she did not flirt. That's the first time it's actually happening after we started flirting. To make things worse, she was flirting with my friend in class all the time, in front of me. Whenever he talked to her best friend (who is mad at me, and likes him), she would shows signs of jealously and did not stop looking until they stopped talking.



I don't know what to do. I am planning on ignoring her again, but I am not sure if she will talk to me again after ignoring her for the second time. I am also considering asking her out..

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I would talk to your friend about it. Maybe ask him if he's interested in her


In my experience as a girl. I know when guys like me or have feelings for me. It's a little obvious. However, if I was in your shoes I would be a little distant, and if she comes back it might mean she likes the attention you give her.

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Sorry to hear this. Ouch. Don't look for "signs". All the PUA tips about "signs" like hair twirling and other crap and trying to make them jealous etc. is nonsense.


This PUA nonsense is precisely what kept you lurking in the friendzone this long.


The only way to know if she's into you is to act confidently and ask her to do something low key, one-on-one, like coffee, soda, whatever after school and see her response and gauge things from there..

she told me she liked this other guy (my best friend). she looked at me she would play with her hair
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