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Period issues

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Hi I hope someone can help/advise me on this issue, because I'm getting desperate!

I'm 30 years old and the last few months the have suddenly seen my periods get ugly. I have started having suicidal thoughts that come from literally nowhere and once I calm myself down from them, I realise I'm due on. Add to this that at the same time I get horrific stomach cramps that wake me from my sleep. About an hour into sleep a pain right across my lower abdomen wakes me and the pain is so severe I feel sick and dizzy and can't stand up. The pains are not so bad in the day, but will continue for four or five nights.

I've also had nausea that I couldn't explain. After multiple tests for the nausea Drs concluded it was my gallbladder but at that point the nausea stopped and so no action was taken. It's started again with this period.

I have the implant in my arm and can't take the pill due to migraines.

Does anyone have any suggestions on easing the pain or what's going on here - it has been at least the last three months, probably more like 6 but it took me a while to connect the symptoms

Thanks to anyone who can help me!

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Have you mentioned all of this to your doctor?

We can only guess as to what it is, but you need to be looked over and try to find the source. It could be hormonal, the implant could definitely be messing with your emotions and making you feel suicidal. If that's the case you need to get off of it as soon as you can.


As for the cramping, there is a number of things it could be from fibroids to cysts or it could again very well be related to your gall bladder. But the only one who could know for sure and can do testing, is a doctor.

If the pain is bad enough to be writing in about it, you need to get yourself checked out as soon as you can. And if the pain get's to be severe, you need to be going to the ER.

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mood changes are due to hormone changes. you should try taking a birth control to ease down the cramp pain, i know a lot of people who do that


She said she is on birth control


OP: I had a roommate with similar symptoms and it was an ovarian cyst. It burst and she ended up in the ER. Echoing other posters: please see your doctor.

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This is not meant to scare you in any way. Im just offering my experience so that you will see the importance of a more detailed OBGYN checkup, ASAP.


Same exact symptoms. Waking up in so much pain and literally crawling on the floor to get to the medicine cabinet & nearly passing out once standing because of such severe cramping. The amount of blood was astronomical. The worst part was the EXTREME depression, almost instantaneously, concurring with menstrual cycle. This was no, 'feeling the blues' type sadness, this was; a hormonal, mental & emotional train wreck inside my brain that seriously made one look at suicide, as a real & tangible way out of this emotional horror story, going on in my mind.


Initially, cysts or fibroids were offered as a possibilty, then anemia, coupled with a possible prognosis of gallstones. However, those were ruled out & many tests, exams and an ultrasound; later, diagnosed with cervical cancer. Now I just wait to see how far it has spread, which organs it has spread to.


Please go back to your gynecologist and ask for more testing to get to the root of your problem. It may not be anything of consequence but if it is, the sooner its discovered the higher chance you have to eliminate it.

Take Care.

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