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How do i tell him that i have no feelings for him?


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There's this boy...well man he's twenty I'm going on eighteen that I have been talking to for about for about seven months.


I'm not attracted to his personality nor his looks at this point. He asked could he send me a nude and I said no more than two times but I end up giving in. He sent it to me and every since then everything about him is a TURN OFF.



I don't like nudes to be honest--some people my age or most make like/love them but I don't they are kind of a turn off for me.



Anyways, after he sent me that which was like a month ago I have not been interested in our conversations.


And YES, I have seen him and went out with him in person but as friends ONLY.



I thought of blocking him on all of my social media and his number altogether but I don't know if that's right.



And, the other day he said he loved me. I love him but ONLY as a friend. I don't want to be with him but I don't know if I'm sending him signals that I do because he started calling me pet names.



I don't want to tell him that I don't want to talk to him no more because I don't want to hurt his feelings. Any advice?

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Tell him that you aren't attracted to him romantically. That you would be interested in friendship but you understand if he'd prefer to spend some time apart first.


You are hurting him more by not telling him where he stands with you (although honestly I don't think he's even worth keeping as a friend because you used your words to say you didn't care for nude pictures of him and he steamrolled over that boundary anyway).

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I don't like nudes to be honest--some people my age or most make like/love them but I don't they are kind of a turn off for me.


I am the perfect guy who does not want to have his feelings hurt, but you need to stand up for yourself and be blunt with this person who is tormenting you emotionally day 2 day. As much as it may hurt, there is no benefit for either in extending the struggle. There is only benefit for both sides by ending it now.

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I think you just need to be frank with him and tell him, you are not interested in him romantically. You only see him as a friend. If he doesn't get it or understand, then, block and delete him.


Since you really like him as a friend, I believe he deserves to know the truth.

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Your interests are totally different from his.

Its not a matter of age to think more like a grown up and u seem to be a great thinker and committed to human values which are the most important.

From my experience a friendzone would hurt him more if he meant what he said.

Honesty is the best solution so just go ahead send him this post you posted and as he reads it he will understand everything and will know that you really cared for not hurting him...

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