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I'm so <removed> Betrayed by my best friend


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Ok I try to describe as good as possible. Let's call my male friend M


This all begin on +- October-December 2016. M asked to meet for a drink or whatever but at that period I was so busy that I had to cancel it. Then on January M asked again like it's very urgent. I thought it was something serious so I arranged myself to meet M. As we met, M offer me a paint as a "Christmas gift" he said. I was happy but at the same time I felt a bit strange because he kept saying it's something urgent... and the emergency was a paint... I didn't suspect much and didn't say something because it's only a friend's gift for me nothing serious.


After this gift, my friend didn't reply to me at all, as if M wanted go NC, a friend of M (we call this friend C) messaged me if I knew what M had because he was acted very strange lately. Usually C and M are going together at work with one car but all the sudden M wanted to drive alone and C had to organize for the transport...


M didn’t reply to message anymore. Then I noticed that M kept liking the same female person’s post/photo on Facebook. And I immediately knew what’s going on. Like a million years later, M messaged me “to confess” me that he has made a new “friend” and M is very happy. And there I didn’t suspect much because he can make friends with who he wants


A few days later, this female person wanted to add me on Facebook and she messaged me. She asked me how I met M… . She told me that M is her “darling” (but M is married!!!) So I reply with Congratulation. I think she didn’t expect me to answer like this so she blocked me on messenger


So now I had enough and immediately asked M this woman is doing… As there was no more excuse, M told me they had an affair with each other ….

Like Magic, M unfriended me on FB and C… I didn’t give a f*** I hope his wife will find out and I’m freed from this mf story but No


On March, he wanted to talk with me about this woman. I declined it. Then M pleaded me to come, which shocked me because he never did it before. So I was like “let’s see what this ass**** had to say. He confessed me everything about his affair with her and that he suspected she had other men. She is also a married woman with kids….


He specially opened a fake female account to add and spy on those lovers of her. Apparently, he wanted to find the truth if she cheated on him... And the coolest thing is he asked me to help him and he told me that his wife knew everything (about her, me and an other female friend)…. He wanted to get out of this disaster and he cried in front of me. He wanted nothing to do with her anymore. He blocked her everywhere (FB…) So, I helped him...


I only add one person of this lover (F) but I didn’t do anything. M kept asking me if I can see his female lover on F's account. And the disaster only disaster began. I saw M how he ruined this lover’s relationship with the fake account. He wrote her something and then days later they broke up…


So I told M that he went to far because of his female lover and he ruined sb’s relationship. M was shocked because he didn't know that we (his fb friends) can see everything he was doing because he set it on public on fb. And he didn’t feel sorry about that….

He kept telling me that he had no more contact with her and showed me the messages they exchanged… He took this action because she wrote to other men that M used a fake account to spy on her and that he’s a sick man…


From this moment on, I felt so betrayed by a friend. She knew about this account and she knew what he kind of message M wrote to this lover’s gf…..

Apparently, this other friend helped him also to rehab… but this was also a lie. A friend of this female lover will help him to leave her…. who will believe that

The last thing he asked me is if I can contact this lover I added on fb. He wanted to speak with him… I didn’t do it because why should I set him a trap like this and I asked him back if I can see what he wrote to F's ex. Then M broke up contact with me.


You know what I found out that this is all a lie. He tried to use me to get info from the lover but I didn’t do it. He still had contact with her and he used his wife’s name to open a fb account to add her lover’s because everyone knows that the first fake account is his... Every action was her lover's order. This poor wife. And this paint, he offer me as a gift, was part of his strategy to impress his female lover how much he cares for his friends... buerk . Apparently she's a painter... Even though it's a beautiful paint, I will crash it with pleasure


So, I blocked them all because they are so cruel with others and especially with his own wife. I think he never told his wife anything at all….

And yesterday, one of them has written to him because F blocked me as well.


On one hand, I felt guilty because I knew the whole story. On the other hand, I'm happy that I found out that how back-stabbing someone can be. Now I’m indirectly involved into this melting pot.


What do you guys think about it?



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What an absolute trainwreck M is. You need to examine why you would be friends with someone like that in the first place. I'd have dropped him long before he even got to admitting being so insane he was stalking a married lover's lovers while he is married himself.


And I used to roll my eyes at soap operas and sneer at how unrealistic they were. Turns out, I was the clueless one. This guy M and his shenanigans could fill up an entire Seasons 1, 2 and 3.


Suggest you stick to Cable and keep him and anyone associated with him blocked. Totally insane people.

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