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Books to help through the tough times

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Hey everyone,

I recently read a book called conscious uncoupling, it was a great read and really helped me get through some of the tough times through out the days. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of other good books that help with a break up?

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Not strictly about relationship breakups, but definitely reinforces the right decision to have cut your losses 0061777129"]Necessary Endings[/url]


"Drawing on years of experience as an executive coach and a psychologist, Dr. Cloud offers a mixture of advice and case studies.

Know when to have realistic hope and when to execute a necessary ending in a business or with an individual

Identify which employees, projects, activities, and relationships are worth nurturing and which are not

Overcome people's resistance to change and create change that works

Create urgency and an action plan for what's important

Stop wasting resources needed for the things that really matter

Knowing when and how to let go when something, or someone, isn't working - a personal relationship, a job, or a business venture - is essential for happiness and success. Necessary Endings gives readers the tools they need to say good-bye and move on."

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I am reading "Attached" by Amir Levine. And wow. Talk about eye opener. So so interesting and helpful as far finding and keeping love.


I like Law of Attraction type books. I've read a few good ones. Richard Dotts has a bunch of ebooks that are inexpensive. I may open one now.


If you are spiritual, I like Adam Houge Renewing Your Heart Daily. It's a daily positive meditation.

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